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This page is where the WikiProject Philippines Featured images are nominated and selected.



Anybody can nominate a picture. If you have a nice picture that you think would be swell to feature, first upload it here in the OSM Wiki and add pertinent information in the description box (such as who created the picture, how it was created, and what is it about). Make sure that the image is appropriately licensed—CC-BY-SA or public domain is best.

Next, add a new subsection to the Nominations section below and give the subsection heading the title of the image, embed the image (resized to 300px width), and add an image description and why you think it should be featured, then sign your name after as nominator. You can use the following template below (copy and paste it at the end):

===<Title of the image>===
[[Image:<uploaded filename of the image>|300px]]

'''Description:''' <add description here>

'''Rationale and notes:''' <add rationale and other notes here>

'''Nominated by:''' ~~~~

Alernatively, if you're not comfortable with uploading files and wiki editing or if you don't have the actual picture but you have one in mind, just add a new section and state what you would like. Other people can then clean up and obtain the picture and do a proper nomination if it's a good idea.


One picture is selected for each calendar week and is put up on the Featured images page under the appropriate row. The corresponding subsection in the Nominations section should then be deleted. All of this can be done in advance. Every Sunday, the featured picture on the WikiProject Philippines main page is replaced with the corresponding selected picture for that week. Announcement of the featured picture to the mailing list and other online venues is optional. (Hmmm, maybe we should also put up a Tumblr blog?)

Since we don't want to be overly bureaucratic given the small size of the community, anyone can select a picture from among the nominated ones to be scheduled for a particular week. Some criteria to consider:

  • The series of featured pictures should show diverse types of imagery. For example, Mapnik renderings week after week is too boring!
  • Bonus points for timeliness of pictures (e.g., anniversaries of places that have been mapped, current events, community events, etc.).
  • Pictures should be of a high technical or aesthetic quality if possible.
  • Bonus points also for pictures with high PR value since these featured images are ones we can use in press releases and in evangelizing the project.
  • Of course, the images should be copyright-problem-free.

Discussion on each nomination's subsection is encouraged.


Cubao Mapping Party: before and after

Cubao Mapping Party Before and After.png

Description: Before the Cubao Mapping Party, OSM data for Cubao was just so-so. After, OpenStreetMap now has the most detailed freely-available map of this part of Cubao anywhere!

Rationale and notes: Before-and-after pictures are staple in OSM and this picture is one of the best we have for the Philippines.

Nominated by: seav 05:06, 29 January 2010 (UTC)

Iloilo International Airport

Iloilo Airport OMS.png

Description: Picture of Iloilo International Airport, the main airport serving the Greater Iloilo
Area and regarded as one of the most beautifully designed airports in the Philippines.

Rationale and notes: Picture of Iloilo International Airport has a detailed map.

Nominated by: GreenPH 02:13, 20 September 2014 (UTC)

Batangas City jeepney routes around Poblacion

Batangas City jeepney routes (Poblacion area).png

Description: Map of Batangas City jeepney routes around Poblacion. The transport map showing Batangas City's commuter jeepney routes is almost detailed.

Rationale and notes: The transport map of Batangas City is almost well-detailed, and this is one big improvement on Batangas City's map (along with adding the missing barangays, road realignments based on latest Bing imagery, and adding missing POI's based on ground surveys ,local knowledge, and photos).

Nominated by: TagaSanPedroAko (talk) 05:27, 2 January 2016 (UTC)

Request for nominations

  • Photo from the Tagaytay Mapping Party
  • Photo from the Davao City Mapping Party
  • Boracay map - highlighting the Enthropia support
  • Some cool geolocator app for search and rescue developed by jong tujan and murlwe of davao. Good example of an application made by local Filipino developers/mappers.
  • Before-and-after map of the Tagaytay Mapping Party
  • Before-and-after map of the Davao Mapping Party
  • Some map or visualization or OSM-related photo from the Step Juan project
  • Screenshot of the Tagaytay party render animation
  • That photo of Mike Collinson holding the Philippine flag at SOTM 2008
  • Photo from the BMW-OSM meetup
  • TechTrip a local travel and technology show of TV5 has a segment on how to use GPS the map data is from OSM. Some youtube screen grabs here -