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Cubao in Mapnik

The Cubao Mapping Party is the third Mapping Party in the Philippines. The event occurred last December 12, 2009, Saturday, in Cubao, Quezon City. The primary aim was to do a Walking Papers-style of mapping, and incidentally to have a mini-Christmas Party (coinciding with the worldwide OSM Christmas Party 2009), and to serve as a meeting for 2010 planning.

While the attendance was not as big as the previous two parties (only three OSMers were there), the output was still substantial since plenty of POIs were collected, streets and roads were verified, and lots of footpaths were discovered, especially in the Project 4 area, making the OSM map of this part of Quezon City the best online map.

Who went

Name OSM username Remarks
Maning Sambale maning
Eugene Villar seav
Neil Nacario neilnacario Accompanied by his wife and kid


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