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Please be aware: some informations on this page are very outdated.

About myself

name: Michael Kugelmann
location: Germering
former location: Winnenden
first heared of OSM: December 2006
start of mapping in OSM: 11th February 2007 (creation of first account)
API username: MichaelK
Membership: FOSSGIS e.V

Focus of activities in OSM

Some information on my mapping focus can be found below, more details are on my activities subpage which also includes some information on other activities within OSM.

Focus of work in OSM

Mapping: my focus is on mapping of car related roads, so most of my mapping is done by car. But footways and the interests of bicycle riders are also covered. Areas like lakes and forests are mapped often via aerial images (Bing/Yahoo/Landsat/...). Additionally I have a strong interest in POIs (e.g. shops).
Although my activities changed while the years from "pure mapping" towards community self organization by

  • organizing the Munich regulars' table together with some other local mappers
  • realization of OSM conferences ("Programm Komitee", video recordings)
  • supporting the participation of OSM at FLOSS related events
  • being part of the group who produces a German OSM podcast

Upcomming events

Main mapping interests (work in progress)

Main areas of activities:

  • Winnenden and surrounding area in the Rems-Murr-Kreis (for example Berglen and Remstal). And I need to remap some parts of my hometown regarding houses an house numbers.
  • Germering (a city west of Munich) and Munich (especially west and north).
  • German motorway A8 and neighborhood between Stuttgart and Munich. Currently the construction works is ongoing between Augsburg and Hohenstadt, after finish there will be a lot of details to be remapped.
  • Canary Islands (working based on satellite pictures and additional knowledge and traces from holidays). More details on my activities subpage.
  • Except mapping itself I am active in the area of community self organization: take care about conferences and meetups, try to support RadioOSM (and sometimes the Wochennotiz).

Equipment for OSM

My main equipment used within OSM:

more details can be found under my equipment subpage.

Tags missed in OSM

I miss some tags which should be proposed via proposed features process (or are already in the process currently):

  • ...

Some open topics are currently in discussion within the mailing lists.

Future plans

  • keep Germering up to date especially on POIs
  • update Winnenden as still some things are missing (e.g. public transportation)
  • ...


Wiki/WWW pages related to OSM I need by myself frequent:

  • ... (to be continued)

Some other OSM contributors

Order of the persons is just by pure chance.

  • RalfZ was also active at München. He pointed me on OSM and showed me the first steps. Thanks!
  • Uwe is a friend mapping close to my old hometown.
  • Frederik Ramm who I met first time at SOTM2008 and provides lots of effert to OSM.
  • Jochen Topf who I met first time at SOTM2008 and has some nice tools on his Webpage.
  • im memory of Ulf Möller, 1973-2012.
  • ... (to be continued)