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MichaelK: activities and mapping interrest at OSM

This page is still under creation

planned activities and mapping interest

Canaries Islands

  • Canary Islands (working based on satellite pictures and additional knowledge and traces from holidays).
    • Lots of tracks have been made at the south of Fuerteventura in autumn 2007.
    • Some tracks on Tenerife in spring 2008.
    • Some mapping was done while my stay in La Palma from 3rd to 10th of December 2008.
    • Some tracks and pictures were gathered while my stay in Gran Canaria from 9rd to 19th of May 2010.
    • ... and quite some more mapping in the following years using GPS traces and aerial images

OSM activities in the past

OSM events joined

In reverse chronological order:

Mapping work in the past

Some mapping work was performed in the past at the following locations. Although these areas are not (or not longer) in my main focus.

Mapping finished

...although mapping will never be finished... (e.g. buildings, house numbers and park benches are often missing)