Chaos Communication Congress/28C3

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Also this year osm has an own stand to promote the project to the hackers [1].

Mappers there

Equipment for the stand

  • Merfachsteckdose (MichaelK)
  • small Ethernet Switch (8port 100: MichaelK)
  • Laptop with JOSM on it (MichaelK: my netbook is boring slow for real data)
  • Printed maps to hang onto the wall/window
  • Flyers

OSM stuff for the stand

  • GPS devices (Garmin Etrex: MichaelK)
  • GPS-Logger (one or two devices: MichaelK)
  • OSM vests (German and English: MichaelK)

What to show

  • GPS devices with OSM map (Garmin Etrex: MichaelK)

Some paning is present also in the congress wiki!