Chaos Communication Congress/rC3 2021

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The second rC3 or Remote Chaos Experience took place in a distributed fashion and online 27th–30th December 2021.

  • OSM assembly in the machine room (account in machine room and membership in assembly were required for access, Mstock could grant the latter once one had a machine room account)
  • Dates
  • Communication channels
  • Event Blog
  • Ticket shop - even though the event took place online, one needed to get a ticket to access all 'features'/content - the standard ticket was free and one could determine the price for the supporter ticket oneself, but needed to (be able to) provide an invoice address in the EU/UK to actually order one of the latter ones.


  • Have an assembly in the virtual 2D world. It was again based on the rC3-OSM-Map that was already used last year, but with some minor modifications.

Who Is Coming


Screenshot of the OSM assembly map in the 2D rC3 world