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30C3 or Chaos Communication Congress 2013 is 27–30 December in Hamburg.

This year OpenStreetMap has its own stand to promote the project to the hackers.


30C3 Wiki


  • Rolltreppe hoch 1 Etage, linke Seite- gegenüber Lockpicking

Who Is Coming

Equipment for the stand

  • Merfachsteckdose (everybody please bring!)
  • small Ethernet Switch (everybody please bring! Including Ethernet cables)
  • Laptop with JOSM on it
  • Printed maps to hang onto the wall/window => MichaelK: DE+HH organized via Frederik/Geofabrik
  • Flyers
  • PowerCube (Mehrfachsteckdose)
  • evtl. ein Roll-Up-Display mit Informationen zu mobilen Apps
  • iPad Presenter (Ständer zum Demonstrieren von Apps)
  • iPad 3 für Pad-Presenter

OSM stuff for the stand

  • GPS devices
  • GPS Logger
  • OSM vests
  • OSM fyer

What to show

What can we do better

  • flyers in english
  • Fossgis flyer
  • present new and uncommon use of map data (i.e. Hacks with OSM data)