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Canary Islands (Canarias), Spain, Africa

latitude: 28.531, longitude: -15.752
Browse map of Canary Islands (Canarias) 28°31′51.60″ N, 15°45′07.20″ W
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Canary Islands (Canarias) is an autonomous community in Spain, Africa at latitude 28°31′51.60″ North, longitude 15°45′07.20″ West.

The Canary Islands are a group of islands in the Atlantic Ocean west of Africa. They are an Autonomous Community of Spain and consist of two provinces (Las Palmas and Santa Cruz de Tenerife). For more details, see Canary Islands on Wikipedia.


The boundary relation is relation 349048. It has wikipedia tags for WIWOSM.

Map status

See ES:España/Progreso/Islas Canarias

Mapping of the Canary Islands

Island Map Province High res. Grafcan images (see Ortofotos de Grafcan) Users involved in work Status Note
Tenerife OSM map Santa Cruz de Tenerife March-May 2012 Envite, javiersanp All main roads are present.
Gran Canaria OSM map Las Palmas March-May 2012 Jonay All main roads are present, few residential streets have complete info
Lanzarote OSM map Las Palmas January 2013 Road and path mapping largely complete. Building detail still to add.
La Palma OSM map Santa Cruz de Tenerife March-May 2012 Maik All main roads are present.
La Gomera OSM map Santa Cruz de Tenerife March-May 2012 Mapped.
El Hierro OSM map Santa Cruz de Tenerife March-May 2012 wicking roads mapped, many small roads have no names yet, most buildings missing (November 2013)
Fuerteventura OSM map Las Palmas December 2012-January 2013 All main roads are present. including island of Lobos
La Graciosa OSM map Las Palmas January 2013 mapped close to Lanzarote


According to ES:Normalización#Núcleos de población to tag with place=city a place must have a population of at least 100,000 people or be the capital of the Province. There are only two cities in Canary Island that match these conditions: Las Palmas de Gran Canaria and Santa Cruz de Tenerife. Both are co-capital of the Autonomus Community.

Note that places like Telde or La Laguna have a population below 100,000 (in the town) although the full municipality is above this amount (see ES:Normalización/town and ES:Normalización/village).


See Category:Canary Islands road network


Population data was updated to 2009 with ES:NGMEP.


Full list of signmarked hiking paths in WikiProject_Spain/Senderismo/Canarias.

Potential data sources

See Spain Potential Datasources#Canarias section.

Nearby mapper conventions

Plaques-distinctive for tourist establishments

In the Canary Islands, all tourist establishments must display on their front a plaque with a legal classification. This classification can be collected by adding the designation=* tag to the usual tagging.

recoger añadiendo la etiqueta designation=* al etiquetado habitual.

Plaque text Regular tagging Designation tag
H Hotel tourism=hotel designation=hotel
H Hotel Urbano tourism=hotel designation=urban_hotel
He Hotel Emblemático tourism=hotel, ref:bic=* designation=emblematic_hotel
Hr Hotel Rural tourism=hotel, ref:bic=* designation=rural_hotel
A Apartamento tourism=apartment designation=apartment
V Villa tourism=chalet designation=villa
Cr Casa Rural tourism=chalet, ref:bic=* designation=rural_house
Ce Casa Emblemática tourism=chalet, ref:bic=* designation=emblematic_house
R Medio Rural tourism=hotel designation=rural_environment
Bc Bar Cafetería amenity=bar/pub/cafe designation=bar_cafe
R Restaurante amenity=restaurant designation=restaurant
Av Agencia de Viajes shop=travel_agency designation=travel_agency
I Intermediador Turístico tourism=information+fee=yes designation=tourist_intermediary
V Vino de cosecha propia craft=winery+food=yes designation=homegrow_wine
Vv Vivienda Vacacional tourism=apartment designation=vacation_home


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