La Gomera

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La Gomera, Canary Islands

latitude: 28.117, longitude: -17.233
Browse map of La Gomera 28°07′01.20″ N, 17°13′58.80″ W
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La Gomera is an island in Canary Islands at latitude 28°07′01.20″ North, longitude 17°13′58.80″ West. Administratively it is in the Spanish province of Santa Cruz de Tenerife (Province).


The boundary relation is relation 2214684. It has wikipedia tags for WIWOSM.


According to Normalización#Núcleos de población to tag with place=town a place should be capital of the municipality and have a population between 10,000 and 100,000 people. To tag with place=village a place should be capital of the municipality and have a population bellow 10,000 people. So there are only one town or village per municipality. Although San Sebastián don't reach 10,000 people , it should be tagged as a town because it's the capital of the island and by far the most populated settlement.

Municipality Capital
Name Boundary WIWOSM Name Place tag WIWOSM Population[1]
Agulo relation 345080 yes Agulo village 645
Alajeró relation 345081 yes Alajeró village 552
Hermigua relation 345391 yes Hermigua village 415
San Sebastián de la Gomera relation 340733 yes San Sebastián de la Gomera town yes 7152
Valle Gran Rey relation 345691 yes La Calera village 174
Vallehermoso relation 341042 yes Vallehermoso village 804

Highways on Gomera

New references in 2010 [1], [2]. List in Carreteras de La Gomera.