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Extremadura, Spain

latitude: 39.226, longitude: -6.095
Browse map of Extremadura 39°13′33.60″ N, 6°05′42.00″ W
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Extremadura is an autonomous community in Spain at latitude 39°13′33.60″ North, longitude 6°05′42.00″ West.


Extremadura is a Spanish autonomous region and community with Mérida as its administrative centre. It is bordered on the west by Portugal, on the south by Andalucia (provinces of Huelva and Sevilla), on the east by Castilla-La Mancha (province of Toledo), and on the north by Castilla-y-Leon (province of Ávila and Salamanca). To learn more about Extremadura you can visit this article of Wikipedia.

Who are mapping?

  • SK53 Natural features and landuse from Yahoo satellite photos. Mérida area more detailed traces from Yahoo aerial photos.

State of the map

Coverage of OSM data related to municipalities in Extremadura

Note this list of municipos is incomplete, with the listing for Badajoz province being particularly poor.



Municipio Viales mapeados Notas
Alburquerque (BA) 0%
Alcantara (CA) 20% Main streets with stubs for side streets. GPS lacking accuracy. Feb 2010 SK53 10:02, 27 June 2010 (UTC).
Aliseda (CA) 0%
Arroyo de Luz (CA) 5% Small number of streets, Feb 2010 SK53 10:02, 27 June 2010 (UTC)
Arroyo de San Servan (BA) 90% Streets from Yahoo aerial photos. No names.
Badajoz (BA) 0%


Cabeza del Buey (BA) 0%
Caceres (CA) 60% Substantially the work of User:cdavilla. Old town (Ciudad Monumental) is a World Heritage Site. Geolocated photos at OpenStreetView
Canaveral (CA) 0%
Ceclavin (CA) 0%
Casar de Caceres (CA) 0%
Calamonte (BA) 0%
Coria (CA) 10% Streets in old town, Feb 2010 SK53 09:58, 27 June 2010 (UTC)


Garrovillas (CA) 0%
Garganta la Olla (CA) 0%
Guadalupe (CA) 20% World Heritage Site. Centre of town, and barrio N of Monastery. Feb 2010 SK53 10:02, 27 June 2010 (UTC).


Jaraiz la Vera (CA) 0%
Jarandilla la Vera 0%
Jerte 0%


Malpartida de Caceres (CA) 80% No names for streets. No POI.
Malpartida de Plasencia (CA) 80% (+)
Merida (BA) 80% No names, except S of the Rio Guadiana
Miajades (CA) 0% A giant Tomato on a pole by the Autovia indicates this village's main production.
Mirabel (CA) 0%
Montanchez(CA) 0%


Navalmoral de la Mata (CA) 10% Some principal streets now done.


Piornal(CA) 0%
Plasencia (CA) 0%


Seradilla (CA) 0%
Sierra de Fuentes (CA) 70%


Tejeda de Tietar (CA) 0%
Trujillo (CA) 40% World Heritage Site. Old town and part of SW of more modern town. Feb 2010 SK53 10:02, 27 June 2010 (UTC).
Torrejoncillo (CA) 0%
Torrejon el Rubio (CA) 0%
Torremocha (CA) 0%


Valdeloscabelleros (CA) 0%
Valencia de Alcantara (CA) 0%
Villanueva de la Serena (BA) 0%


Yuste (CA) 0%


Zafra (BA) 0%
Zarza la Mayor (CA) 0%