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Bien de Interés Cultural identifier, historic monuments and sites in Spain. Show/edit corresponding data item.
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The key ref:bic is an external reference used in Spain to identify historic monuments and sites officially recognized as  Bien de Interés Cultural (also known as BIC) by the Ministry of Culture and Sports of the Government of Spain.

For the international  Bank Identifier Code see bic=* instead.

Tags used in combination

  • name=* Name of object.
  • heritage=2 According to the admin_level.
  • historic=* To indicate the type of historic object. Please, use a precise value according to the object. See the list of possible values in Taginfo. The most common values are:
  • monument (corresponding to Monumento)
  • complex (corresponding to Conjunto histórico)
  • site (corresponding to Sitio histórico)
  • garden (corresponding to Jardín histórico)
  • archaeological_site (corresponding to Zona arqueológica)
  • Other possible values: castle, church, aqueduct, etc.
  • Monumento (Monument)
  • Conjunto histórico (Historic complex)
  • Sitio histórico (Historic site)
  • Jardín histórico (Historic garden)
  • Zona arqueológica (Archaeological site)

Specific tagging

Other tags can be used depending on the type of object:

Protected area

Often the BIC is surrounded by a protection environment that is specified in its Declaration or in a separate Decree. If you want to define you can use the following administrative border tags:

JOSM preset

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