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Willesbourgh Windmill, Ashford, Kent.jpg
A traditional windmill, historically used to mill grain with wind power. Show/edit corresponding data item.
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Group: man made
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Status: de facto

A traditional  windmill, largely constructed from wood or brick/stone. Historically often used to mill grain using wind power.

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For a modern  Windturbine, see power=generator + generator:source=wind instead.

How to map

Add a node node at the centre of the windmill, or draw its outline as an area area. Add the tag man_made=windmill.

Tags used in combination

  • name=* - Many historical windmills are named individually.
  • building=windmill - Smock and tower mills are also buildings. In these cases it can be appropriate to put all tags on the outline.
  • windmill:type=post/tower/smock - indicate whether it's a  Post mill, a  Tower mill or a  Smock mill
  • functional=yes/no - Is the windmill still fully functional? Can it still mill grain (or whatever it was used for), even if it's really been out of service for years?
  • windmill:disused=yes - Mill equipment is out of service. The building can also be used for other purposes, for example, living, cafe, exhibition
  • abandoned:man_made=windmill - submitted by the owner and no longer serviced
  • ruins=yes - if it is a ruin
  • windmill:vanes=yes/no if the windmill vanes (or sails) still exists
  • mock=yes if it is a mock mill (a fake, or dummy) which never contained any machinery.
  • access=* - Is it possible for the general public to enter it, even if only occasionally?
  • start_date=* - When was it built?
  • wikipedia=* - reference to possible Wikipedia article
  • wikidata=* - reference to possible wikidata item for the windmill
  • Addresses
  • contact=*

If a other features such as a cafe or gift shop are in the same building, add separate node(s) node with corresponding tags. See One feature, one OSM element.


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Willesbourgh Windmill, Ashford, Kent.jpg man_made=windmill
name=Willesbourgh Windmill

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