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MichaelK: my equipment for OSM

Equipment overwiew

The following equipment is used for mapping:

GPS devices used for OSM

  • Haicom HI-203E
    • wired mouse with serial interface, Evermore chipset
    • my rating: old chipset, outdated for my current performance requirements. Although: device was OK the time it was purchased (long time before start of my contribution to OSM)
  • Haicom HI-204III
    • SIRF III wired mouse with serial interface
    • my rating: well known good chipset, I am still content with the device
      • only used for some special purposes since I own my GPS logger
  • since April 2007: Wintec WBT 201
    • Bluetooth GPS mouse with integrated logger
    • uses a rechargeable battery in the same size as the Nokia BL-4C
    • my rating:
      • very nice small device, I am very content with the device, my workhorse since I have the device
      • still my absolute main workhorse
  • since October 2007: i-Blue 747
    • Bluetooth GPS mouse with integrated logger
    • my rating:
      • cheap device, likely to use a standard Nokia battery type
      • performance OK according to first evaluation (usually the WBT-201 is use)
  • since June 2009: i-Blue 747A+
    • Bluetooth GPS mouse with integrated logger, successor of the i-Blue 747, supports A-GPS (Assisted GPS)
    • my rating:
      • will be evaluated (usually the WBT-201 is use)
  • since July 2009: Garmin eTrex Vista HCx
    • Used for displaying OSM map data (see User:Computerteddy) while being on the way.
    • my rating:
      • very OK: very long operation time, very good sensitivity and short time to fix.
      • disadvantage: only one big GPX file on the storage card per day.
      • will be used as second device while making traces with the WBT-201.
      • I am more and more impressed about the performance of the device the more I use it.
  • ...

Software used by myself for OSM

  • JOSM, THE editor for OSM
  • JOSM plugins currently used: AgPifoJ, Create_grid_of_ways, DirectUpload, PicLayer, buildings_tools, editgpx, multipoly, openstreetbugs, openvisible, osmarender, remotecontrol, tageditor, usertools, utilsplugin, walkingpapers, wmsplugin.
  • GPSBabel (see below).
  • geosetter (see below).
  • RouteConverter (see below).
  • Prune (see below).

General Software related to GPS

The following list is collected from personal knowledge and experience plus a discussion in August 2012 on the OSM mailing list.

  • GPSBabel including GUIs for conversion of GPS data (Open Source).
  • geosetter to geolocate photographs using GPS tracks (Freeware, Windows).
  • RouteConverter to display GPS tracks on top of OSM maps (Open Source).
  • Viking (Open Source).
  • JOSM plus the EditGpx Plugins
  • Prune e.g to plot GPS-Tracks on OSM maps (Open Source).
  • GPX-Manager
  • QuoVadis big and well known tool (former name: TTQV, commercial SW for Windows)
  • ...