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Community Update from 15 November 2010 to 21 November 2010 (week 2010-46)

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Image Of the Week 2010-46


OSM maps used for political campaigning (Toronto)

Project of The Week : HotSpot

The goal/purpose of Project HotSpot is to get major U.S landmarks mapped out to a level of detail beyond normal commercial map data providers. We're starting with a top 10 list of places asked for by the commercial website.

If we can get these ten places looking very spiffy, then MapQuest will feature the OSM maps of these places as "Premium Maps" of these locations when they are returned as Search Results for our approximate 50 million monthly unique visitors to


  • A new Garmin map based on OSM.
  • Czech company offers its MapFactor Navigator Free as a professional WinCE and Windows Car Navi Tool with OSM data for free, covering the whole planet.
  • New Routing View statistics for EU
  • OSM Map has a scalebar added again, due to updating to a new OpenLayers version
  • FreeMap has a new server [1]
  • "How did you contribute to OSM" has an OBDL check, too [2]
  • Workshop on Crisismapping [3] And [4]
  • new version of khtmlib (an OpenLayers alternative) [5]
  • OSM presents a gallery of new apps using their services [6]
  • Maperitive new release with Adobe Illustrator Export [7]
  • Something completely different: "How to maap a Xylophone?" [8]
  • French scientist compares OSM Quality in France [9]
  • New release of LuckyGPS version 0.751

New Contributor Terms

The Contributor terms are the terms that have been created after the decision of changing the licence. This terms (that you can sign up to in you profile) have had criticism by some users of the community. Therefore, the Licensing Working Group has reviewed the text and released "Contributor Terms 1.2" and requests for comments. (Migration from previous terms is planned).


Licence Change Map

Fabian Schmidt Has announced to the mailing list his new tool to monitor licence status of "ways" data in openstreetmap. His tool allows to realize the progress of the acceptance of the new licence. Green ways are those who are fully under the new licence, yellow for those that have a hybrid history and red for those that are only under the old cc-by-sa licence.


Tracking Changes

The question about how to track changes into OSM come quite often. Once again users of the list has pointed out some tools that can do that for you : For exemple the OWL tool. You can find other tools on the Change monitoring Page.


Geology into OSM

Some asked if it is possible to add geological data into openstreetmap. While some answers that it would be preferable to wait for a better "3d" support (instead of the tag layer=*); other are already proposed a set of possible tags. A debate started about which tag to use... natural=* ? landuse=* ? surface=*? landcover =*?


RFC: Landcover

Landcover is a proposed key to describe the physical landcover of an area as opposed to the usage of an area (landuse) like residential, industrial, and to geographical features (natural) like beach, bay and cliff. Landcover can be used on areas of any size. Ideally (=in a highly detailed phase) the landcover area should be completely covered with the object in the tagged value.

The author is waiting for comments on the List or the Talk Page



Once again Big thanks to !i!, Pascal and Jonas for the help!