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Community Update From 08 November 2010 to 14 November 2010

Image Of the Week

Axismaps closeup.jpg

Typographic maps manually traced from OSM data

Project of The Week : Memorials

November 11 is the 92nd anniversary of the end of the First World War, and is marked in many countries by religious and civil ceremonies to remember those who lost their lives in this and other conflicts. It therefore seems appropriate to have a related project of the week.

Vimy ridge ex flickr.jpg


Proposed Culture Tag

The idea of Proposed features/culture is to improve semantics of the tagging scheme regarding cultural facilities and objects, and once again trying to "un-crowd" the amenity=*.

The proposed tags are for example culture=cinema and culture=museum instead of amenity=cinema and tourism=museum (more details on the page).

Like every proposal that touches a lot of well used tags, this one has generated a lot of traffic on the mailing list, with questions like : "What is the difference between culture and tourism? Are museum culture or tourism? cinema is an amenity ! ...."


RFC Community Food Growing

Proposed features/Community food growing is a proposal to map land used for community food growing projects.

It uses a new value for the landuse : landuse=community_food_growing


Historical data experimentation

Someone created an experimental of display of historical data. While he presented it on the mailing list, he relaunch the debate about historical data in OSM.

The amount of work on the api, servers , databases make this unlikely to happened in a near future.


RFC Carpool

This proposition is here to enable mapping of parking used to left vehicles by people who do carpooling.

It use parking=carpool


MapQuest news

Once again, Mapquest has extended their portals with some new features : A new "Edit button" is now shown on top of the map. This button takes you to an installation of Potlatch 2 for editing osm. You can also pick your editor if you prefer to use JOSM. Mapquest also added a "closest" finder to find the closest POI from you point (accessible by right click).

More on the mapquest blog

New OSM Search Box ??

There is no week without a proposal or a question about the website / render usability.

This week, someone has analysed the search box on osm. He has also proposed some mockups as alternatives to the current search interface



Once again Big thanks to !i! for his help!