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Education Month

June 2011 is education month. We'll map the places that we associate with educating ourselves and others. Is the primary school that you attended included in OpenStreetMap? Your high school? Add those places to the map. We'll look at post-secondary schools and other places associated with education as the month progresses. Learn about places to learn about places.

Primary and Secondary schools

An Austrian grammar school.

The Project of the Month is to include primary and secondary schools from your area in OpenStreetMap.

Required tags

A school may be included in OpenStreetMap as either a node node or areas area, but should not be included as both.

Either way, add the following tags to the school element.

To add more detail consider using mapping other features of the schoolyard and school.

Note: A school may have multiple buildings. These should not have the amenity=school tag. One feature, one OSM element. One school, one area drawn around the school grounds.

Optional tags

Add addressing information for the school as well.

Wheelchair accessible?

It would be also nice if you could contributed to the discussion on a tagging scheme for the level of education offered by a school: Talk:Tag:amenity=school#Level of education.

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