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Navicomputer screenshot.jpg
Author Markus Bitzer
License Free?
Platforms Windows Mobile and Windows Phone
Version (2015-03-06)
Languages Catalan, German, English, Spanish, Finnish, Italian, and Dutch

(This text from NaviComputer home page)

NaviComputer is a GPS maps and offroad navigation/tracking software designed for Windows Mobile devices. What makes NaviComputer outstanding is the ability to view maps offline - without need for internet connection or dataplan. Maps can be easily downloaded from various online map sources like OpenStreetMap either with the bundled PC software "NaviMapper" or directly with NaviComputer on the mobile device.

NaviComputer also allows you to track your movement, display information such as distance travelled, speed or elevation profile and import/export tracks in the common gpx format.

With these features, NaviComputer is the perfect solution for all kinds of outdoor sports, adventurers, travelling, city sightseeing trips and so forth... Features:

  • Offline map navigation without internet connection/dataplan
  • Easy map download from online mapsources like OpenStreetMap
  • Finger friendly and fluid user interface
  • Track recording with stats like distance, av.speed and elevation profile
  • Conform to the common gpx file format (import and export)
  • Multilingual user interface (English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Dutch)