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FOSSGIS stands for Free and Open Source Software for Geographical Information Systems. It is:

  • the name of a non-profit organization (Verein) in Germany promoting Free and Open Source Software and Free Geodata
  • the name of a yearly conference about the subject organized by said organization

FOSSGIS 2019 will be held in March 2019 in Dresden, Germany


FOSSGIS e.V is a German association supporting Open Source Software and free geodata. It has emerged from a former association of GRASS users and is a local chapter of the Open Source Geospatial Foundation.

The organization has informally represented OSM in Germany for years, and was accepted as the German local chapter of the OSM Foundation in 2018.

Many members of the German OpenStreetMap community are members of FOSSGIS. OpenStreetMappers who are members of FOSSGIS e.V. can add themselves to the category FOSSGIS-Mitglied (Member of FOSSGIS).



  • owns the domain and administrates it in cooperation with the OSM community in Germany
  • organizes the FOSSGIS conference (see below)
  • has received 10 GPS devices as a donation, which can be borrowed for OSM events
  • can act as a representative for the collection of donations, sponsoring and similar activities


The FOSSGIS e.V. has several servers that it runs with and for the OSM community.



conference logo

The FOSSGIS conference is an annual conference regarding open source GIS software and open geodata (including OpenStreetMap) in Germany. See further information (in German) on the conference website or on the website of the FOSSGIS e.V..

The FOSSGIS conferences edit
2008 Germany · 2009 Germany · 2010 Germany · 2011 Germany · 2012 Germany · 2013 Switzerland · 2014 Germany · 2015 Germany · 2016 Austria · 2017 Germany · 2018 Germany · 2019 Germany 2020 Germany

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