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Available languages — Mapweaver
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Mapweaver is a Perl based rendering engine that takes a .osm file and generates SVG output. Mapweaver is the successor of Mapgen has evolved too much and became a mess to maintain. So some new concepts were followed when porting mapgen to mapweaver:

  • way more modules for better maintenance
  • better configuration possibilities (ini file i.e.)
  • easier rule file in text format (no more conversions needed)
  • extended command line help (all options and are explained and possible attributes of objects listed).
  • verbose and debug mode
  • no more scaling in rules and command line options. everything is handled on 300dpi basis. less confusing.
  • most map elements can now be moved to different locations
  • some sizes in rules can scale between fromScale and toScale (minSize:maxSize)

Program is still under development... Looking forward to bug reports and wishes.

Outstanding features

  • Fully automatic SVG map creation from OSM files (XML/bz2/pbf)
  • Fully automatic download of needed data from overpass servers
  • Add elevation data (SRTM) from separate file automatically
  • Just call perl if you don't want to bother with data and command line parameters
  • Automatic conversion to PNG (different dpi) and PDF
  • Automatic extraction of needed data out of OSM file; just specify a place name or node ID
  • Way label replacement by numbers if way is too short - incl. legend/key in map (optional)
  • Circles and discs around nodes
  • Scale objects according to map scale
  • Normal grid, coordinate grid, POI and Street Directory (with grid reference; and as PDF)
  • Map legend (possibly in separate file)
  • Map ruler
  • Renders POIs from external POI file
  • Renders Shields instead of names/refs if desired
  • Label transformation, i.e. to use upper case letters for a given name

Sample files

Some samples can be found on the page since it basically is the same rendering machine. New samples here:

Manual and Help


There is not yet a complete manual. But most parts of the mapgen manual can be used. For differences see output of command line option -help or here: Mapweaver/Help.


On Ubuntu/Debian:

1. Make folder:

mkdir mapweaver
cd mapweaver/

2. Checkout subversion repository

svn co ./

3a. install dependencies

sudo apt-get install libcompress-bzip2-perl libgd-graph3d-perl libmath-polygon-perl

3b. if desired, osmosis for OSM related tasks, inkscape for dealing with svg files

sudo apt-get install osmosis inkscape

3c. install Geo::Proj4 and its dependencies:

sudo apt-get install proj libproj-dev libwww-perl libdbi-perl
sudo cpan Geo::Proj4

NOTE: The package proj is not available on recent Debian versions, instead install proj-bin and libproj0. Also, you might try first downloading from the files projects.h and proj_api.h then copy these files with admin privileges to /usr/include/ or /usr/local/include .

3d. latex packages for pdf export

sudo apt-get install texlive-latex-base texlive-binaries ghostscript

4. unpack

unzip -d icons

5. create mwconfig.ini and copy the standard rules file into something editable which won't be touched by updates. Alternatively, just create a blank mwconfig.ini and edit the default mwStandardRules.txt itself.

echo "style=yourstyle.txt" > mwconfig.ini
cp mwStandardRules.txt yourstyle.txt

6. launch the program with

perl -in=yourfile.osm


cd mapweaver/
svn update


ini file

# config file 

Rule file

The rule file format completely changed from Mapgen.

Empty lines and lines beginning with "comment" or "#" are allowed.

Some examples are on this page


Icon sets can be obtained here:

Wishes / Todos

  • Coast line debug
  • keep temp file under given name for further use
  • random temp file name
  • single icon for area
  • ps/eps export
  • license texts mapweaver, mapgen and
  • examine textures in PNG
  • triangles for connecting page numbers
  • declutter stats
  • relation analyzer
  • tag statistics
  • scale patterns of areas
  • multi language support (mwDir)
  • extract places given by polygons/multipolygons?
  • support borders better
  • space management for route labels

Recently implemented

  • Include elevation data from separate file; -srtm="filename" option added (0.47)
  • mwInteractive added; output filename problem fixed (0.46)
  • add overpass api access (0.44)
  • fixed some errors; prevent errors caused by false OSM data (0.42)
  • fixed some errors; draw only items inside drawing area to reduce memory needs for graphics conversion (0.40)
  • show GPX files; Prg for directories can now be configured (0.37)
  • new space management for labels and icons (0.36)

Mapweaver/Older Versions


If you checkout the svn, you shouldn't need to access the repository.