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Wimbledon centre court

There are many tennis courts mapped at Wimbledon, but what about your local tennis courts?
Mapping a tennis court in JOSM

Wimbledon! (Tennis)

The project of the week is a fun way to get out and map something that you might not map otherwise. This week we'll map tennis courts before we run home to watch the matches at Wimbledon.

First job: Make sure all your local tennis courts are on the map!

Remote mapping

Tennis courts are fairly distinctive in bing imagery, and can be mapped in remote far off places. You can often spot them in and around parks and schools. In some cases you may be unsure of tennis versus basketball courts etc, in which case you should maybe leave out the sport=tennis tag, but often you can tell fairly well that it is a tennis court.

Adding tennis courts in the U.S. here's the game:

  • Pick a random city or town in the U.S. and zoom in to see the street grid
  • Look for parks or schools
  • Zoom right in and then swap to the edit tab to launch Potlatch (or use your preferred Editor)
  • You should see the bing imagery, but can you see any tennis courts?
  • You can pan around a little bit, but avoid zooming out and loading too much data. To zoom out and pick a different spot, go back to the 'view' tab.

You may end up finding a lot of work to do improving more important details of parks and schools, e.g. converting them from nodes to areas. Many parks and schools in the U.S. are still just mapped as single nodes (imported from GNIS)

The Wimbledon Champions

Harry Wood created a tennis edit tracker to see who was mapping tennis courts and how many:

Tennis edit tracker

Wimbledon tennis tracker screenshot.png

This is no longer updating with new edits. Congratulations all of those who made it onto the list by participating in this project of the week! Place this text on your wiki user page: {{User Wimbledon champion|year=2011}} give yourself an award!

If you missed out on the action you can still help to map tennis courts! All contributions appear on the map and form part of our open license map dataset which is shared with the world for free. Alternatively why not check out the latest project of the week page and get in on that action!

Required tags

You might tag an outdoor tennis court as


For a tennis stadium (partially) surrounded by stands for observers



For an indoor tennis facility consider


Additional tags

Consider adding, where appropriate: