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For other uses of OWL see OWL (disambiguation)

OpenStreetMap Watch List
Owl icon 256.png
Authors: Matt Amos, Paweł Paprota
Status: Broken
Language: English
Website: https://owl.openstreetmap.org/
Source code: https://github.com/ppawel/openstreetmap-watch-list

API for analyzing and visualizing changes in OSM data

OWL (OpenStreetMap Watch List) was a service that monitors, processes and stores changes in OSM data. A major feature is that rather than calculate the bounding box of all changes in a changeset, OWL attaches changes to small tiles, which are more useful for visualization - it is possible to show only relevant changes, not all changes with overlapping bounding box.

Current status



Issue tracking


The project was started by Matt Amos. Development instance was running on Gorilla-server.svgerrol. OWL was expected to return shortly after the ODBL License change is completed (Summer 2012).

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