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Relation check looks for errors in the relations of an .osm file. It checks the following relations:

Types checked
  • restriction
  • multipolygon (with "no-role ways")
  • route (with forward/backward/other distinction)
  • boundary (with enclaves/exclaves)
Output contains
  • Simple maps of relations with problems
  • Link to relations in OSM (history)
  • Links to "open ends" (JOSM)
  • Link to the Relation Analyzer
  • Tags
  • Errors
  • Mode can be given so only certain types will be checked
  • Mode picture can be switched on and off
  • optionally accepts a simple *.poly file (like osmosis) to draw file border into maps. Simple means that only the first polygon in the file is considered for evaluation.


  • Expect false positives at the relations that touch the border of the checked osm file! To limit the number of false positives a threshold of 1 km is implemented. If an open end of a relation is closer than 1 km to a border node then the relation will not be reported. Nevertheless be careful when the green border appears in the map...
  • I have experienced differences regarding relation members in OSM files and OSM history...
  • It is a good idea to just browse through the pictures in a folder on your disk.

Check results

no longer available




  • draw only cities (no towns) when area reaches certain limit
  • link to OSM Route Manager

Nice to have

  • gpx file per route
  • route check support for roundabouts
  • link to restriction analyzer?
  • (multi polygons out of *.poly files)
  • Relation Analyzer functionality (analyze and show all relations found in file even if they don't have an error?)
  • For routes calculate distances

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