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There were three positions available on the OpenStreetMap Foundation Board at the OpenStreetMap Foundation 2010 AGM which took place on 11 July 2010 during the State Of The Map 2010 conference. Each member of the Foundation had a single vote for each position and could vote in person at the Annual General Meeting or by an email proxy.


The following people put themselves forward. A proposer and seconder are not required but all candidates should be members of the foundation.

Name Nationality
Result (Order) Notes
Kate Chapman OSM
Nationality: US-American
5 (50 votes) President US Local Chapter
Deploying member of Humanitarian OSM Team
Developer Community Lead at FortiusOne
Thea Clay OSM Nationality: US-American
Resident: USA
6 (38 votes) Treasurer US Local Chapter
Strategic Working Group
Community Ambassador at Cloudmade
Emilie Laffray OSM
Nationality: French
Resident: United Kingdom
1 (94 votes)
Part of the SOTM 2010 organizing committee
OSM contributor since 2009
Participant in French Corine import 2009
SotM speaker 2009
Very interested in OSM in both social and technical aspects
Involved in the French and British community
Service team lead for u-blox
Oliver Kühn OSM
Nationality: German
Resident: Germany
3 (77 votes)
tie-break solution
by coin tossing
Member: Strategic Working Group
Works for skobbler
Lars Francke OSM
Nationality: German
Resident: Germany
not elected
3 (77 votes)
tie-break solution
by coin tossing
Author of OSMdoc and various other small tools
Iván Sánchez Ortega OSM Nationality: Spanish
Residence: Spain
2 (81 votes)
Part of the SOTM 2010 organizing committee
President of the Spanish OSMF chapter
OSM contributor since late 2006

Result of board election voting by OSMF

Questions to Candidates

please use Talk:Foundation/AGM10/Election to Board

Proxy Votes (Vote via email)


The proxy voting was organised as follows:

If you are a member of the OpenStreetMap Foundation, but will be unable to attend the AGM you may vote by proxy. To do this you should send a message to the following email addresses containing details of your votes:

To:    (Michael Collinson, OSMF secretary)
cc: (User:randomjunk, Independent scrutineer)
cc:  (User:sward, Independent scrutineer)
Subject: OSMF Board Vote 2010  

You have three votes. Your email should simply list the names of up to three candidates you wish to vote for.

Any other content of your email will be ignored. Any conditions or qualifiers attached to your vote will be ignored. Listing more than three candidates will be considered a spoiled vote. Emails not copied to both independent scrutineers may also be considered as spoiled votes.

Voting by email is open from Thursday 1st July, although new candidates may still be proposed until the end of that day. Voting by email closes at midnight BST (GMT+1) on Friday July 9th. Votes after that time should be made in person at the AGM.