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Hi y'all, I'm Thea (Clay) Aldrich.

I am a mapper, OSM US Board Member and OSM Foundation member living in Fort Worth, Texas. I map using either a Garmin eTrex Vista HCx, iPhone or android phone. I use Potlatch2 and the Mapzen POI collector. I map in Austin, TX, Fort Worth, TX, and parts of SE and Central Asia.

I'm the Treasurer of the OpenStreetMap US local chapter and a founding board member. In addition to mapping my own community, I work to build relationships with like-minded organizations, promote and teach OSM to new communities and help create tools and processes that allow for easy transfer of information between OSM US and data creators.

I currently work at SecondMuse and help out with the Random Hacks of Kindness Community. Previously I worked as an Open Initiative Program Manager at MapQuest and Community Ambassador at CloudMade.

I can be contacted at:

Thea Clay


Skype: thea.clay

Twitter: TheaClay

OSM Foundation member

OSM Name: Thea Clay

Areas I am mapping:

Fort Worth, Texas: I just moved into a new neighborhood and I am slowly cleaning the Tiger data and add the new developments that have been built over the last 18 months.

Manchaca, Texas: I like to map my hometown when I visit. Right now I am concentrating on the area near the volunteer fire department.

Atlanta, Georgia: I have also begun to correct the route between Atlanta, Athens and Gainesville State University. Mainly because I get lost every time I make the drive.