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Foundation members will vote to elect a new board in September. Each fully paid up member of the Foundation has a single vote for each available board position and may vote in person at the Annual General Meeting in Birmingham on 7th September or by an email proxy as described below. I.e. you can vote for up to three candidates regardless of position.


There are seven seats on the foundation board. Matt Amos, Henk Hoff, Frederik Ramm and Simon Poole will remain on the board for an extended term. Three seats are available on the board for the 2013 board election. These are the seats held by Richard Fairhurst (who has retired from board duty), Oliver Kühn (who is running for re-election), and Dermot McNally (who is running for re-election).


Candidates for the board elections added their name below. The following members stood for election to the board of the Foundation.

Result Name Nationality Residence Manifesto (Position statement)
Elected Kate Chapman
(u) (w)
U.S. American Indonesia Generally I would like to see the OSMF assist OSM in becoming more diverse, I think my experience through the Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team can help make that happen. Kate Chapman's OSMF Board Manifesto
Re-elected Oliver Kühn
German Germany As current Treasurer I have transferred all operational accounting activities to a 3rd party in order to minimize the dependency on a single person. Further I have supported active OSMF members with payments etc.
For the next period I would like to continue the Treasurer role with the respective support and professionalize the donation management.
Re-elected Dermot McNally
(u) (w)
Irish Ireland Dermot McNally's OSMF Board Manifesto
Roland Olbricht
(u) (w)
German Germany The people that feel their work matters are those that come to stay. Let's attract them. Let's also keep us feel welcome each other. (Read more at User:Roland.olbricht)
My biggest contribution to OSM is the development and maintenance of the Overpass API.
Marek Strassenburg-Kleciak
(u) (w)
Polish / German Poland / Germany More transparency of decisions and accounting. More say for not OSMF members. Introduction of API 0.7 with layers, 3D and thematic maps. Routing and thematic maps (via layers) of the main OSM Page. CAD functions for micromapping. More cooperation with car industry (Videomapping with sponsored open source tools). See: [1].
Kai Krueger
(u) (w)
German USA OSMF has always had the goal of "supporting the community". Although, with things like gps2go or the dev server infrastructure, it has done a fair amount, I would hope to help OSMF strengthen that position further by trying to arbitrate more between those members that have resources available and those members who have ideas and time to do inovative things with them and expand that emphasis. I would also like to see OSMF strengthen feedback mechanisms from the community to provide a better understanding of the diverse interests of the larger OSM community and how decisions affect them. I'd plan to work with everyone to find better technical and social means to determine "what the community wants" and incorporate this into the do-ocracy model of OSM.

Kai Krueger's board manifesto

Gregory Marler
(u) (w)
British United Kingdom Gregory Marler's OSMF Board Manifesto

Key: (u) = primary OSM user profile, (w) = primary OSM wiki user page

Questions to Candidates

please use Talk:Foundation/AGM13/Election to Board

Proxy Votes

See Foundation/AGM13/Proxy_Voting

Key election dates

Tuesday, 13 August 2013
  • candidate nominations open
Sunday, 25 August 2013
  • candidate nominations close at 2200 UTC
Monday, 26 August 2013
  • proxy votes by email open at 0900 UTC
Tuesday, 03 September 2013
  • proxy votes by email close 2200 UTC
Saturday, 7 September 2013