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Foundation members voted to elect a new board in November 2014.


Two new board members were elected and one incumbent was re-elected:

There are seven seats on the foundation board. Kate Chapman, Henk Hoff, Oliver Kühn, and Dermot McNally were set to remain on the board for an extended term. Three seats were available on the board for the 2014 board election. These were the seats previously held by Matt Amos, Simon Poole, and Frederik Ramm. Frederik Ramm ran for re-election and was re-elected.


Candidates for the board elections added their names below.

Result Name Nationality Residence Member since Manifesto (Position statement)
Elected Frederik Ramm
(osm profile)
German Germany 2008-12-31 Available for re-election, manifesto
Elected Kathleen Danielson
(osm profile)
American Germany 2014-09-25 The OSMF board doesn't show leadership, and doesn't have the trust of its membership. I think that the board can do far more to support the community and after spending a year on the OSM-US board, I think I can help accomplish that. Position Statement
Elected Paul Norman
(osm profile)
Canadian Canada 2011-03-20 Manifesto
Peter Barth
(osm profile)
German Germany 2012-08-30 OSMF has always supported, but not controlled, the OSM project and I would like to see it stay that way. With that in mind, I would like to make OSMF's decision making and spending more efficient and transparent. Encouraging new mappers and data users to join the OSM community, and furthering the development and use of Open Source software, would be important goals for my term.
Full manifesto here.
Marek Strassenburg-Kleciak
(osm profile)
German, Polish Germany 2011-08-25 No project restart rather evolution step by step:

1. We are not enough known: OSMF board should make intensively lobbying for OSM: In the industry, politics, mass media, NGO´s and universities.

2. We need to catch up: Implement requests from the community with paid staff.

3. Acquire money for open source software development. Examples: Our main page is not attractive enough,needimprovement / drone mapping of aerial images / 3D mapping tools / street mapping tools by use of dashcams, smartphones, / video mapping with semi-automatic object recognition

4. More presence of OSMF Board in low developed (or with less OSM activity) countries: Organizing of conferences and lectures for activating of local communities.

5. More power for local OSM chapters in OSMF. We should rethink the democratic concept behind OSMF. It can not be that a few hundred people decide about our project -in theory. Practically we have often doocracy of few old stagers.

Randy Meech
(osm profile)
American United States 2014-05-02 I believe that most of the problems faced by OSM (to my mind: diversity, participation, tone, security) can be solved by radically expanding the OSMF membership. Engaging more people who already care about OSM and being careful not to alienate them is an achievable goal by an individual even on a non-functional board. I will work to double the number of OSMF voters in 2014 by the 2015 elections whether I'm elected to the board or not.
Manifesto here
Steve Coast
(osm profile)
English USA 2006-06-29 We can fix the board together, by restating our mission, shrinking the board, making the board actually meet each other, and providing paid staff to accomplish goals. full manifesto here
Ethan Nelson
(osm profile)
American United States 2013-12-01 I want to grow OSM deep and wide: improving what/who we have right now and expanding the community. Manifesto.

Old election details

Questions to Candidates

please use Talk:Foundation/AGM14/Election to Board


Each fully paid up member of the Foundation had a single vote for each available board position and was invite (via email) to vote using a new online system. The election was carried out under single transferable vote rules (STV), in which voters rank all candidates according to their preference, a maximum of three will be elected. See for details.

See Foundation/AGM14/Proxy_Voting

Key election dates

Wednesday, 15 October 2014 at 2359H UTC
  • candidate nominations open
Thursday, 23 October 2014 at 2359H UTC
  • candidate nominations close
Wednesday, 5 November 2014
  • voting via OpaVote opens. Vote links have now been sent via email. Check your filters, and contact if you fail to find the email(s) you expect. Associate members should receive two emails; one for the election to board, and one for the membership vote on the fee waiver. Members (sometimes called 'Normal' or 'Regular') should receive the two mentioned previously, plus a third email for the three Special Resolutions.
Saturday, 8 November 2014 at 1300H ART
Saturday, 8 November 2014 at 1530H ART
  • voting closes, results are announced