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Foundation members will vote to elect a new board in December.


Frederik Ramm and Kate Chapman received the most votes and were re-elected to remain on the board.

Two seats were available in this election. Meanwhile the terms of Paul Norman, Peter Barth, Mikel Maron, Martijn van Exel and Ilya Zverev continue. There are a total of seven seats on the foundation board.


Thanks to all four candidate for nominating themselves:

Result Name Nationality Residence Member since Manifesto (Position statement)
Elected Frederik Ramm German Germany 2008-12-31 available for re-election, manifesto
Guillaume Rischard Luxembourgish Luxembourg 2013-05-03 Manifesto: personal introduction, map, community, funding.
Elected Kate Chapman US American USA 2009-08-03 available for re-election, manifesto
Darafei Praliaskouski Belarus Belarus 2010-04-28

Other old election details

Questions to Candidates

Please use Talk:Foundation/AGM16/Election to Board


Only fully paid up members will be able to vote, and only those who have already become members 30 days prior to the AGM date.

Voting will be organised in a similar way to last year. Voting members will receive an email from the on-line voting service with links to the on-line ballot for each ballot measure. The election will be carried out under single transferable vote rules (STV). Each foundation member will cast their vote by ranking all candidates according to their preference. A maximum of two will be elected. See wikipedia:Single transferable vote for details.

Key election dates