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Foundation members will vote to elect a new board at the Annual General Meeting in December.

Election to board

Seats available

Three seats are available in this election. There are a total of seven seats on the foundation board.

What the board is/is not, rules and responsibilities

A lot of the foundation's work is done by the volunteers of our working groups, and if you want to help the foundation, you can also look at joining those.

Personal views
If you are interested in hearing what it is like to be on the board please reach out to any board member.

You can also read the following posts:

Additional OSMF resources


Submission of nominations has not started yet!
- There will be an announcement on osmf-talk, the mailing list for members (only OSMF members can register, with the email address associated with their membership. The archive is available to all).
- The key dates will also be added to this page.

  • Only normal members can be candidates for the election to board, and they have to be members during the full 180 days prior to the AGM.
  • If you want to change your membership from associate to normal, please email the Membership Working Group ( as soon as possible, providing your residential address.

Confirmation of normal membership and start membership date will be made by the Membership Working Group or the OSMF Administrative Assistant.

* Normal members provide their full residential address and can vote on all issues. Their residential address may be disclosed to other members.
* Associate members provide just their country of residence and can vote - but not on all issues. Additionally, they cannot be board candidates. More information here.

Questions to Candidates

Information to be added.

Voting for election to board

Only fully paid up members will be able to vote, and only those who were members for the full 90 days prior to the AGM date. (Deadline for becoming a new member eligible to vote: 2020-09-12 23:59:59 UTC)

Voting will be organised in a similar way to previous years. Voting members will receive an email from the on-line voting service with links to the on-line ballot for each ballot measure. The election will be carried out under single transferable vote rules (STV). Each foundation member will cast their vote by ranking candidates according to their preference. A maximum of four will be elected.

The page voting information and instructions will have more details.

Key dates

To be added.

Detailed results

Detailed results will be available on the OSMF website after the AGM.