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OSM Accounts

lmcosmf (OSMF member account)

Dalekokarta (Kaart)

Logan Mc (personal account)


Please refrain from contacting me at my work account. You are welcome to reach out to me via accounts Logan Mc or lmcosmf. Alternatively, you can send me an email at

About me

I have decided to run for the OSMF board. I am an American living in beautiful western Colorado. Concerning my education, I hold a bachelors of business administration, with a concentration in finance, May 2018. I devote much of my spare time to outdoor recreation and volunteering. I have been an avid and prolific contributor to OpenStreetMap for the past couple of years and the vast bulk of my contributions have been in the countries of Colombia and Mexico. I am proud of those contributions. Please examine those in more detail if interested. OpenStreetMap has provided me with so many gratifying experiences, and I want to return the favor by serving on the OSMF board. I intend to adopt the interests of local/national communities across the world as my own, actively soliciting their opinions on a frequent basis and representing their concerns and interests faithfully.


In the spirit of full transparency, many of my contributions to the map have been for my job as GIS technician in the employ of Kaart. Kaart is a company located in Grand Junction, Colorado, USA. The company contributes vast amounts of quality data to OSM and places a special emphasis on road networks. Kaart frequently travels to conduct groundwork in countries and metropolitan areas throughout the world. I had the great privilege of participating in groundwork verification efforts in Malaysia. I FIRMLY COMMIT to recusing myself from any situation where their is even the slightest possibility of conflict of interest.


I spend a portion of my spare time volunteering for Humanitarian OpenStreetMap as a tasking coordinator. I joined the COVID-19 mapping campaign shortly after inception. It has been active for at least six months and is still ongoing. I received recognition for my contribution to the campaign in HOT's September newsletter. Since joining as a volunteer, I have had the privilege of meeting many amazing and admirable people across the world doing their utmost to help those in need by generating and distributing critical geographical data for disaster relief efforts. Please consider volunteering for them. My own experience can only be described as extremely rewarding.

My Priorities if Elected Would Include:

  • Support efforts to severely restrict the possibility of hostile takeover of the OSMF
  • Support efforts by local OSM communities to expand their membership and increase member participation, with a special emphasis on the Global South
  • Support the expansion of the global community across all categories of contributors
  • Expand sustainable sources of funding, while firmly maintaining the independence of OSMF
  • Support the expansion of the microgrant program as much as is financially feasible

I look forward to sharing my thoughts in much greater detail on a whole host of issues in addition to those listed above.