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Wow !!! look at this map... it's incredible !

This reflects the vision of one of the most dynamic OSM leaders that OpenStreetMap Africa has designated to represent the continent at the OSM Foundation Board. Here is Willy Franck SOB, our OsmEvangelist !

Everyone who came across Willy Franck, came across his passion, his enthusiasm and incredible work. Since 2011 Willy has been building the map and community in Cameroon and Africa. Willy has an impressive network of geo-professionals all over the African continent and especially in the french speaking areas. His company SOGEFI is among the leaders in Africa in the development of open source GIS services.

He is the promoter of GeOsm, the first open source geospatial data infrastructure on the continent based on OSM. Recently deployed in 20 countries, this open Location Intelligence Platform aims to accelerate the appropriation of geospatial data to the actors of the digital ecosystem that depend on it (startups, academia, municipalities, NGO).

Willy has a rich associative experience very early at 13 years old he created his first cultural association. Actively involved in several professional organizations, he is in charge of French-speaking African countries within the Youth Network of the International Federation of Surveyors.

His expertise is recognized by several international institutions where he generally acts as an independent consultant. We can mention in particular : The World Bank, GIZ, UNESCO, UN-Habitat, AFD, etc.

With his experience, network and passion, Willy has a lot to bring as an OSMF board member.

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