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The AGM 2012 board elections are now over. They took place at the Foundation/AGM12 in Tokyo on 8th September 2012. Each fully paid up member of the Foundation had a single vote for each available board position and could vote in person at the AGM or by email proxy, voting for up to three candidates regardless of position.


Three seats were available on the board for the 2012 board election. These were the seats held by Steve Coast, Henk Hoff and Mikel Maron. Henk Hoff ran for re-election to the seat he already held on the board. Membership of the board will be for a term of up to three years as stated in the Articles of Association

Candidates and results

Result Name Nomination
Nationality Residence Manifesto (Position statement) OSMF member since
117 votes
Frederik Ramm (u) (w) Richard Fairhurst
Tom Hughes
German Germany 2012 OSMF Board Elections Manifesto December 31st, 2008
109 votes
Henk Hoff (u) (w) Oliver Kühn
Andy Robinson
Dutch Netherlands 2012 OSMF Board Elections Manifesto June 26th, 2007
102 votes
Simon Poole (u) (w) Sarah Hoffmann
Richard Weait
Emilie Laffray
Australian Switzerland 2012 OSMF Board Elections Manifesto January 26th, 2011
82 votes Kate Chapman (u) (w) Mikel U.S. American Indonesia 2012 OSMF Board Elections Manifesto August 3rd, 2009
62 votes Alex Barth (u) (w) Mikel Austrian United States 2012 OSMF Board Elections Manifesto March 29th, 2012

Key: (u) = primary OSM user profile, (w) = primary OSM wiki user page

Questions to Candidates

Some people used Talk:Foundation/AGM12/Election to Board wiki page to put question. Many other discussions were held on the osmf-talk mailing list.

Proxy Votes (closed)

For reference the following proxy voting information has been available here. Obvious the election is now over for this year so all voting is closed:

OSMF members who are paid up to the 8th September may send proxy votes to:

Dermot McNally <>

CC your votes to both of the scrutineers:

Jaak Laineste <> Jonathan Harley <>

You have one vote for each available seat (that would be 3 in total). Your email should simply list the names of the candidates you wish to vote for. Any other content of your email will be ignored. Any conditions or qualifiers attached to your vote will be ignored. Listing more candidates than the available seats will be considered a spoiled vote. Emails not copied to the independent scrutineers may also be considered as spoiled votes.

This link should do the right thing.

Proxy voting by email is open from August 27th to September 5th (Now closed) Votes after that time may be made in person at the AGM.

Key election dates

Thursday, 16 August 2012
  • election announced
  • candidate nominations and declarations open
Sunday, 26 August 2012
  • candidate nominations and declarations close at 1700 UTC
Monday, 27 August 2012
  • proxy votes by email open at 0900 UTC
Wednesday, 05 September 2012
  • proxy votes by email close 1700 UTC
Saturday, 8 September 2012