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Foundation members voted to elect a new board on December 5th 2015.


Four new board members were elected:

There are seven seats on the foundation board. This year Kate Chapman, Frederik Ramm, and Paul Norman were remaining on the board for an extended term. Four seats were available on the board. These were the seats previously held by Henk Hoff, Oliver Kühn, Dermot McNally, and Kathleen Danielson, all of whom were stepping down at the end of their term (All with the option to re-run for election, but declining to do so)


Candidates for the board elections added their name below

Result Name Nationality Residence Member since Manifesto (Position statement)
Elected Ilya Zverev
(osm profile)
Russian Russia March 29th, 2011 Some words on why I am in this list
And a video!
Elected Peda (Peter Barth)
(osm profile, hdyc)
German Germany, Passau August 30th, 2012 Manifesto
Guido Stein
(osm profile)
American Boston, MA, USA June 10th, 2015 As someone new to the community I hope that I can share my prespective as a newer member in your efforts to grow the community as well as in your efforts to have better outreach with newer members. I have years of experience running and founding local community groups as well as technical experience with geospatial technologies. I am stepping up for your consideration in order to help where I can with the community growth and development.
Elected Mikel Maron
(osm profile)
American Washington, DC, USA June 9th, 2007 Excited to put myself forward to serve on the OSM Foundation Board
Joseph Reeves
(osm profile)
British Oxford, UK Oct 5th, 2012 My OSMF position:
SP!KE (Ryan Peterson)
(osm profile)
American Seattle, WA, USA June 25th, 2015 Growing OSM! Hi, I’ve been an active member of OSM since 2011 contributing in a variety of ways including: editing data locally, editing data remotely for humanitarian efforts, training new users, funding numerous events and efforts, speaking and attending many OSM conferences around the world and creating OSM initiatives within Telenav and Apple.

More here: Introduction / Position Statement.

Wille Marcel
(osm profile)
Brazilian Brasília, DF, Brazil July 22nd, 2013 My Manifesto. Active contributor since 2010. Collaborates with the Communication Working Group.
Gonzalo Perez
(osm profile)
Argentine Buenos Aires, CABA, Argentina September 5th, 2015 I wish to serve in a broader sense to the project. The projects and activities that we have done in South America in the last year boosted the growth of the communities in this part of the world, a strategy which I consider necessary and possible in other regions.
Elected Martijn van Exel
(osm profile)
Dutch Salt Lake City, Utah, USA July 12, 2008 Bringing almost a decade of grassroots OSM experience and 4 years of US Chapter board experience to the table. Read my OSM diary to learn more about me. Please get in touch with me if you have questions, or to let me know what you want from the OSMF board. I work for Telenav on OSM. Ask me anything!
Douglas Ssebaggala
(osm profile)
Ugandan Kampala, Uganda May 18th, 2015 First edit was 4 years ago, and have not looked back ever since, getting involved in other activities beyond mapping, with these upcoming OSMF Board elections, i have great anticipation to show how global the OSM project is: one of the ways that the global reach can be reflected is to have an intercontinental representation on the OSMF Board. Some of the gaps that (i think) need to be covered is how the OSMF relates to the community of users, being part of the awesome board members, and well wishers will greatly improve on how best this relationship can be communicated, and strengthened.
Yantisa Akhadi
(osm profile)
Indonesia Jakarta, Indonesia January 24th , 2014 Manifesto for OSMF Board 2015 (or why I choose to run for the board)

Other old election details

Questions to Candidates

please use Talk:Foundation/AGM15/Election to Board


Only fully paid up members will be able to vote, and only those who have already become members 30 days prior to the AGM date.

Voting will be organised in a similar way to last year. Voting members will receive an email from the on-line voting service with links to the on-line ballot for each ballot measure. The election will be carried out under single transferable vote rules (STV). Each foundation member will cast their vote by ranking all candidates according to their preference. A maximum of four will be elected. See wikipedia:Single transferable vote for details.

Key election dates