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Telenav logo.

Telenav ( is a publicly traded company based in Santa Clara County, California, USA, offering navigation products and services for automotive use.

Telenav (NASDAQ: TNAV) is a leading provider of connected car and location-based services, focused on transforming life on the go for people – before, during, and after every drive.

Leveraging our location platform, global brands such as GM, Toyota, and AT&T deliver custom connected car and mobile experiences.


In 1999, Telenav, founded as “Televigation” was first established by HP Jin, YC Chao, Sal Dhanani and Robert Rennard to provide GPS-based navigation software on mobile devices.

In December 2000, Telenav launched myPNA (My Personal Navigation Assistant) WAP service to Sprint.

In 2002, Telenav developed a real-time mobile navigation product for Nextel/Motorola Java phones using a tethered GPS receiver developed by GlobalSat.

In 2005, Telenav created a line of mobile-based applications with 3D navigation capability available for wireless subscribers using particular Sprint devices.

In 2009, Telenav announced their first Android app available in Google Play and BlackBerry App world. Also, in June 2009, Telenav unveiled its first app for iOS, AT&T Navigator, made available on the iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS.

In March 2011, Telenav announced a stand-alone application, Telenav GPS Navigation, available for all iOS users.

In 2010, Ford announced it had also selected Telenav to provide GPS navigation software in its new MyFord Touch driver connect technology. During the summer, Telenav announced a partnership with U.S. Cellular Corporation[12] (U.S.C.C.) to bring mobile GPS navigation service to wireless subscribers.

In September 2011, Telenav acquired the Boston-based company, Goby Inc., a local and travel search company.

In 2012, at CES, Telenav announced new iPhone app, Scout, a GPS and discovery app with integration with the web and automotive. Also at CES, Ford announced Scout as the navigation service for some vehicles.

In January 2014, Telenav acquired Skobbler GmbH, a producer of navigation, based on OpenStreetMap. As a result, Telenav now has an office in Cluj-Napoca, Romania.

Data and software flows

Telenav uses OpenStreetMap data to power its Scout personal navigation apps available for iOS, Android and Windows Phone. Additionally, OSM data is used in the Telenav Scout GPS Link navigation product used in certain Toyota models in the USA and Canada [1] [2].

There is a list of OSM tags used to generate routing data for Scout based on OSM.

Telenav has been an active contributor to OSM for more than five years, working closely with the community to enhance specific features needed for navigation, traffic and other future location-based services.

Software and tools

Database management tools

  • PostgreSQL and PostGIS - for spatial data
  • QGIS - for editing, analysis and data viewing
  • JOSM (Java OpenStreetMap Editor) - the main offline editor for OSM that we use to edit: nodes, ways, metadata tags and relations.

Also, osmosis, osmconvert, osmfilter and overpass turbo come in handy when we want to filter and convert data files for specific map objects.

We analyze the map, searching for repeating patterns related to different bugs that exist on the map. We are always searching for new ways in which we can detect errors, in a programmatic or visual way.


The ImproveOSM web site has a more complete overview of stuff Telenav makes available. Starting with December 2019 owned by Grab.

Other tools

  • MapRoulette (not maintained by Telenav)-we publish challenges based on our data checks
  • OSM Tasking Manager (not maintained by Telenav)- to divide mapping jobs into smaller tasks

Map data

Tags of interest

Telenav is primarily focussed on car-navigation-related map attributes. Some of our focus areas include:

Areas of interest
  1. Turin
  2. Ingolstadt
  3. Wolfsburg
  4. Paris&Montigny le Bretonneux
  5. Frankfurt&Russelsheim
  6. Brussels
  7. Madrid
  8. Berlin
  9. Wien
  10. Munich
  11. Bern

See our Github organization for more detail on our mapping projects.

Associated persons

Current Map team

Any edits that are made as part of the Telenav map improvement efforts are made with accounts ending in _telenav. Also, for every changeset made by our team, we use #telenav.

Our map improvement efforts are currently being collected on our Github repository.

Gabriela Sinka Simona Hosu
Horea Meleg Mirela Lostun
Andreea Banciu Robert Szell
Adrian Budugan -
Marius Giurgiu -

Former mappers

Here is a table of previous team members who edited with Telenav but are no longer active in the Telenav data team.

Former mappers
Bogdan Petrea Ioana Moldovan Corina Govor Ina Humeniuc Lorand Rat
Catalina Dascalu Danut Andron Petra Rajka Ionut Radu -
Marina Deac Mihai Iepure Lacramioara Maghiar Istvan Vincze -
Szilard Kacso Teodora Borodan Bianca Hambasan Marian Poara -
Paul Nicoara Daniela Rus Olivia Pasca Alina Negreanu Florin Badita

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