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Wherever more than one key is listed, the first is used by default, and the others as fallback in the order listed.

Scout US

iOS / Android Scout apps using OSM

Way types

These are the way types we consider when building our internal graph representation of the OSM data. Note that way types are listed in approximate order of importance.

OSM tag Car Routing Pedestrian Routing Comment
highway=motorway yes no
highway=motorway_link yes no
highway=trunk yes yes
highway=trunk_link yes yes
highway=primary yes yes
highway=primary_link yes yes
highway=secondary yes yes
highway=secondary_link yes yes
highway=residential yes yes
highway=residential_link yes yes
highway=service yes yes No through traffic
highway=tertiary yes yes
highway=tertiary_link yes yes
highway=road yes yes
highway=track yes yes
highway=unclassified yes yes
highway=undefined yes yes
highway=unknown yes yes
highway=living_street yes yes No through traffic
highway=private yes yes No through traffic
highway=footway no yes
highway=pedestrian no yes
highway=steps no yes
highway=bridleway no no
highway=construction no no
highway=cycleway no no
highway=path no no
highway=bus_guideway no no
route=ferry yes yes



OSM tag Car Routing Pedestrian Routing Comment
oneway=yes yes no Also true/1/no/false/-1 values
oneway=reversible no no
junction=roundabout yes no Infer Clockwise Direction Of Flow
maxspeed=* no no Speed Limit (assume kph except where mph given)
bridge=yes yes yes Also true/1/viaduct
tunnel=yes yes yes Also true/1
surface=paved yes yes No Speed Penalty. Also cobblestone/asphalt/concrete
surface=unpaved yes yes Speed Penalty. Also dirt/grass/mud/earth/sand
surface=* yes yes Speed Penalty (all other values)
access=private yes yes Entry/exit only access
access=no no no No public access


OSM tag Car Routing Pedestrian Routing Comment
type=restriction Turn restrictions (see below)
Turn restrictions

Telenav follows the conventions for Turn Restrictions as described on the OpenStreetMap wiki. We use both 'simple' turn restrictions that follow the way-node-way pattern, as well as 'via' turn restrictions that use the way-way-[...]-way pattern as described on the wiki.



OSM tag Car Routing Pedestrian Routing Comment
lanes=* yes number
name=* yes yes Street Name (Official). Also official_name / int_name / name:en / nat_name
name_1=* yes yes Street Name (Alternate). Also reg_name / loc_name / old_name
ref=* yes yes Route network and number, but information from parent Route Relations has priority, see below. Also int_ref=* / nat_ref=* / reg_ref=* / loc_ref=* / old_ref=*


OSM tag Car Routing Pedestrian Routing Comment
type=route Determine route number / name (see below)
Route Relation Use

Telenav relies on route relations as the primary source for determining the road network and number (I-80, US-6, etcetera), following the conventions set out on the OpenStreetMap wiki page.