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Public-images-osm logo.svg oneway = reversible
A1 bij Muiderberg.jpg
Oneway that changes its direction infrequently Edit or translate this description.
Group: Highways
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Status: unspecified

This tag is used for roads that alternate between different directions regularly but infrequently, typically only a few times a day. The main use is to allow traffic to go in different directions during rush hours in the morning and evening. This is sometimes called "tidal flow".

Currently there is no accepted way of tagging when the road goes into which direction.

Use oneway=alternating instead for roads that change direction more often. If you are not sure whether this tag or oneway=alternating is the right tag, ask yourself: When using this road and the direction is currently going the other way, would I just wait for the direction to change and then drive on (=> oneway=alternating) or would I use a totally different route (=> oneway=reversible).

For short stretches of narrow road (bridges, underpasses, ...) without traffic regulation, the tag priority=* might be better.

Routing engines should not route over this type of oneway without knowing more about the oneway schedule times, typically by evaluating further tags such as oneway:conditional=*. Also, if a vehicle travels a oneway=reversible in any direction, routing engines should infer u-turn restrictions. Unfortunately it is not certain how current routers will interpret, this restrictions and an additional access=no should be considered.

A hypothetical example for use together with conditional restrictions :

  • oneway=reversible - default for routers which don't understand conditional restrictions meaning don't route there
  • + oneway:conditional= yes @ (09:00-17:00); -1 @ (17:01-8:59)

Currently this example will not work in OsmAnd.

See also

https://github.com/osmandapp/Osmand/issues/6271 - OsmAnd ticket discussing possibilities to support this