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Public-images-osm logo.svg oneway = alternating
Oneway that changes its direction often Edit or translate this description.
Group: Highways
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Status: unspecified

This tag is used for roads that alternate between different directions regularly and often. Its main usage is on narrow bridges or at road construction sites. Often there are traffic lights at both ends regulating traffic flow.

This tag is only used for roads that change direction often (usually several times per hour) and regularly. Use oneway=reversible for roads that only change direction a few times a day. If you are not sure whether this tag or oneway=reversible is the right tag, ask yourself: When using this road and the direction is currently going the other way, would I just wait for the direction to change and then drive on (=> oneway=alternating) or would I use a totally different route (=> oneway=reversible).

For short stretches of narrow road (bridges, underpasses, ...) without traffic regulation, the tag priority=* might be better.

Routing engines are encouraged to just route over this type of oneway independent of direction but use a heavy penalty when calculating the travel time to allow for possible waiting times.