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To make OpenStreetMap more navigable and accurate in guidance, our mapping team started an editing project in Europe.

In this project we will focus on editing oneways, turn restrictions, road geometry and also validating the existing map by correcting keep right errors in Bern, Switzerland.

Bern, Switzerland

latitude: 46.9548, longitude: 7.3948
Browse map of Bern 46°57′17.28″ N, 7°23′41.28″ E
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Bern is a city in Switzerland at latitude 46°57′17.28″ North, longitude 7°23′41.28″ East.

Overall statistics

In the overall statistics for the city of Berlin, we have considered the following types of highway: motorway, trunk, primary, secondary, tertiary, unclassified, residential, living_street, service, track, road, ferry.

For each feature, our team has created some statistics:

City Road Geometry(km) Road Name(km) Oneway(km) Speed Limit(km) Lane Info(km) Turn Restrictions Signposts
Bern 872.08 477.73 141.78 423.27 201.39 238 8


Improve OSM

For the cases to review, our team used the data from the ImproveOSM web site.


How to map

We will follow the mapping scheme that is already used in Italy, as it is described on this page:


• Pay attention to the direction of the way! Before adding the oneway=yes tag, make sure that the direction of digitization matches the direction of the oneway. If not, press "R" to reverse the direction and only after adding the oneway=yes tag.

For roundabouts, the oneway=yes is implied, so it is not necessary to add it explicitly.

See also:

Cases to review

City Total cases
Bern 10

Used dump

Turn Restrictions

How to map

We will follow the mapping scheme that is already used in Italy, as it is described on this page:

Tags to be used:

• relations: type=restriction ; restriction= * ; except= *

• relations: type=restriction ; restriction:conditional= * ; except= *

• members: from,to,via

See also:

Cases to review

City Cases to review
Bern 134

Used dump

Road geometry

To improve the existing data, we will focus on adding missing roads from valid sources.

We will follow the mapping scheme that is already used from the community:

Quality assurance

Quality Assurance tools help lead to a better quality of OSM data.

Error Detecting Tools ( Integrity checks and Keep right) check the OSM data for potential data errors.

Integrity Checks

Telenav uses OSM Data Integrity Checks for issues that would impact the road network and tags that affect automotive navigation applications.

Integrity checks overview

City Severity Error Count
Bern Critical bad-2w-4w-tags 182
Critical conditional-turn-restrictions 1
Critical invalid-turn-restrictions 12
Critical oneway-flip-flops 3
Critical pierced-tunnels-and-bridges 5
Critical road-islands 4
Critical unconnected-ways 55
Critical wrong-oneway-double-way 30
Major bad-tag-values 4
Major highway-tag-flip-flops 2
Major miscategorized-ramps 1
Major ramp-destination-conflicts 3
Major way-sign-posts 40
Minor lane-count 6
Minor links-with-name-or-ref 116
Minor roundabout-name 9
Minor smoothness-problems 3
Minor turn-lanes-order 101

Keep Right

Keep Right shows a large number of automatically detected potential errors on a map or in list form.It has a system for reporting false positives and for labeling a bug as fixed.

Keep right overview

City Severity Error name Cases
Bern critical via is not on the way ends 1
critical dead-ended one-ways 1
critical missing to way 4
critical missing from way 7
major almost-junctions 41
major floating islands 3
major intersection without junction 7
minor mixed layers intersections 11
Total 75


• Aerial Imagery: Esri World Imagery, Bing Aerial Imagery, Mapbox Satellite, Maxar Imagery

• Street level imagery: OSC, Mapillary

• Improve OSM – Turn restriction

• Local Data - where there is approval to use it

Interacting with community