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Telenav uses OSM Data Integrity Checks to continually monitor OSM data. They are mainly focused on potential issues that would impact the road network and tags that affect automotive navigation applications.

We publish the current results of our Integrity Checks to MapRoulette when it makes sense.

What these checkers detect are not always necessarily errors! We look at each result manually and determine if something needs to be fixed.

For more information reach out to user:mvexel

Integrity checkers

No Integrity Check Checks for.... Detailed rules Remarks / Examples
1 Conditional turn restrictions correct formatting of Conditional restrictions tagging A conditional turn restriction should look like this:

no_right_turn @ (Mo-Fr 10:00-12:00;Sa-Su 15:00-19:00)

2 Unexpected key-value combinations non-conforming combinations of key-values in Key:barrier, Key:oneway and Key:access
3 Turn Lanes Order Searches if the order of the values in Turn lane are correct
  • reverse, sharp_left|slight_left|left, merge_right - should be on the left side of the road and in the specified order
  • right, right|slight_right|sharp_right, merge_left - should be on the right side of the road and in the specified order
  • in between those mentioned above should be the following values:  |through| or |none|
4 Named Roundabouts Roundabouts that have names. This is not necessarily an error, but it is uncommon and needs double checking.
5 Reverse Roundabouts Roundabouts that go against the flow of traffic
6 Invalid Turn Restriction non-conforming tags in Turn restriction relation
  • missing "from" way
  • missing "to" way
  • less than 3 members
  • already restricted by oneway
7 Named Links link ways that have Names Not always an error but often points to information that should be in Key:destination tags.
8 Ramp Classification link ramps with incorrect values for the road category ("highway" tag). The road category information should be taken from the highest functional class of the roads it connects to Link roads between different highways types
9 Lane Counts lanes tags with values that don't add up
  • tags should hold positive integer values
  • number of lanes on each direction of flow (forward, backward, both ways) must add up to the total number of lanes
  • if turn:lanes is present, then the number of turn:lanes should be equal to the number of lanes
10 Route Nodes Relation:route that have nodes as a member
11 Pierced Tunnels and Bridges ways that are Tunnel or bridge that connect to non-tunnels and non-bridges somewhere in the middle A ground floor road and an underground road can intersect each other in 2D view but not in 3D view
12 Suspicious Layer Transitions consecutive ways that have conflicting Layer values
13 Destination Conflicts consecutive link ways that have different key:destination tags
See this image on OpenStreetCam
This is okay if there is a branch, as pictured above, but probably an error if there no branch.
14 Bad Highway Tags very unusual tags on Key:highway ways
15 Self-Intersecting Ways ways that intersect with themselves and does not have a common node at that intersection
16F Oneway Loops loops that cannot be exited in most cases the road driving to/from these loops are oneways, but that information is incorrect or the direction should be reversed
17 Misnamed Double Digitized Ways double digitized ways that don't have the same name for each of the directions
18 Cardinal Directions relations that have incomplete and / or incorrect cardinal direction tagging This applies only to countries that use cardinal directions as part of their numbered highways.
19 Unexpected Dead Ends higher class roads that end abruptly or switches into another road class without apparent reason Roads that end with a tag of noexit=yes, highway=turning_loop, highway=turning_circle, highway=construction, highway=proposed should not be detected Not always a mistake but unusual and should be looked at.
20 Bad Ramps _link ways that are two-way streets, or are connected to the road network at an invalid angle Interpretation of error messages:

No reasonable turn to ramp = the angle to turn from a way to ramp is unreasonable
No reasonable turn from ramp = the angle to turn from a ramp to way is unreasonable
Two-way ramp connected to one-way ramp = ramp doesn't have a oneway tag

Example Bad Ramp.png
21 Smoothness crudely mapped ways by checking for shapepoint angles of more than x degrees. The cases detected do not have such sharp angles and do not affect navigation but it would be an improvement in displaying
Crudely Mapped Way.png
22 Typos slight name differences between connected ways Maybe they need to be the same, orit is just a spelling mistake
23 Bad Words names that contain words from Compares parts of street names (the name tag) against a blacklist of inappropriate terms. This checker searches only for words in English
24 Misnamed Roads ways with names that have no common suffix Based on rules governing how display names are constructed, expose the roads that would appear as ‘unnamed’ or are not complete (meaning without sufix/prefix)
25 Bad Tag Values name tag contains invalid characters such as: ";" "," "|" The checker looks for invalid values for name, access, barrier and oneway tag – (ex. name tag contains invalid characters such as: ";" "," ")"
26 Road Network Islands islands in the road network that cannot be entered or exited basically a group of streets that cannot be accessed because there is no connectivity
27 Crossing Ways ways that cross without having an intersecting node and without being tagged as bridge / tunnel
28 Dead End Ramps ramps (*_link) that are only connected at one end Ramp edges that are only connected at one end (regardless of distance)
29 Zorro Ways ways that have very sharp angles Aangle threshold can vary by road class. This kind of cases can affect navigation and routing
30 Motorway Tag Flip Flops motorway and motorway_links belonging to the same route (by route relation or name) that are connected with a lower class road
31 Overlapping Ways segments of highway that are one on top of the other
32 Single-Dual Flip Flops ways that flip-flop between single and dual carriageway mapping within a short distance Integrity Check to detect ways that flip-flop between single and double digitized ways based on the ratio between them and the distance from an intersection to another
33 Impossible One Ways one-way segments that cannot be entered or exited An Integrity Checker that detects impossible one-way situations (nodes with no entry or exit possible), many of the cases reflect an editing error where the direction of flow is reversed
34 Unconnected Ways ways that end very close to other ways Integrity Check that detects roads that end too close to other roads, usually this is an editing error and the roads should have been connected through a common node.
35 Duplicate Nodes duplicate nodes (same location) in ways Ex. Detects ways that have four nodes and two of them are overlapping
36 Oneway Flip Flops consecutive ways that switch between Key:oneway yes/no
37 Signposts motorway_link or trunk_link off-ramps and Junctions that do not have all the tags in place for proper navigation guidance If the node has the tag "highway=motorway_junction", then

If the way has any of the tags Key:destination, destination:street, destination:ref, destination:ref:to, then

  • the node must have the tag highway=motorway_junction and one of the tags ref, noref
This checker has been dropped off
38 Name and Ref Flip Flops segments of a road that have different tag values from the rest of the road Possible name tag inconsistency - a small segment that belongs to a specific road has a different name tag from the rest of the road

Possible ref tag inconsistency - a small segment that belongs to a specific road has a different ref tag from the rest of the road

39 Highway Tag Flip Flops segments of a road that have different Key:highway tag values from the rest of the road Possible highway tag inconsistency - a small segment that belongs to a specific road has a different highway tag from the rest of the road
40 Maxspeed flip-flops Segments of a road that have different tag values than the road is belonging to. Possible maxspeed tag inconsistency - a small segment that belongs to a specific road has a different maxspeed:forward or maxspeed:backward tag from the rest of the road