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To make OpenStreetMap more navigable and accurate in guidance, our mapping team started an editing project in Europe.

Brussels is one of the cities on which we will focus. We will be editing and reviewing one-ways, turn restrictions, road geometry and correcting any errors that might show up during our analysis.

We will follow the global OSM conventions alongside the ones specific for Belgium, as they are described on these pages: Talk:WikiProject Belgium/Conventionsm, Belgium/Conventions.

The below analysis is based on Openstreetmap data downloaded on 19.03.2020.

Brussels, Belgium

latitude: 50.842735, longitude: 4.362711
Browse map of Brussels 50°50′33.85″ N, 4°21′45.76″ E
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Brussels is a town in Belgium at latitude 50°50′33.85″ North, longitude 4°21′45.76″ East.

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Overall Statistics

For the below statistics, the following highway tag values were taken into consideration:

motorway motorway_link trunk trunk_link primary primary_link secondary secondary_link tertiary tertiary_link residential service unclassified
City Road Geometry (km) Road Name (km) Oneway (km) Speed Limit (km) Lane Info (km) Turn Restrictions Signposts
Brussels 2638.54 2089.15 1156.84 1127.76 359.67 207 10

Improve OSM


We will review and add if necessary the oneway=yes tag on navigable roads after consulting the available data (OSM Oneway key).

City Cases to Review
Brussels 61

Turn Restrictions

We will use the following tags:

-relations: type=restriction ; restriction= * ; except= *

-relations: type=restriction ; restriction:conditional= * ; except= *

-members: from, via, to

See also: Relation:restriction

City Cases to review
Brussels 174

Road Geometry

We will add missing geometry to the existing navigable roads. Key:highway

Quality Assurance

Integrity checks

Potential errors generated by the Integrity Checks tool. They are to be reviewed and editen only if it is the case as they are not always errors.

Please check OSM Wiki Integrity checks page for more details on how the data was obtained.

Severity Error Name Cases
critical bad-2w-4w-tags 152
critical invalid-turn-restrictions 14
critical pierced-tunnels-and-bridges 10
critical road-islands 114
critical unconnected-ways 74
critical wrong-oneway-double-way 180
critical wrong-one-ways 2
major bad-tag-values 17
major highway-tag-flip-flops 6
major miscategorized-ramps 8
major ramp-destination-conflicts 1
major speed-limit-value 1
major way-sign-posts 160
minor bad-words 14
minor lane-count 26
minor links-with-name-or-ref 328
minor misnamed-double-digitized-ways 38
minor roundabout-name 2045
minor smoothness-problems 72
minor turn-lanes-order 406
minor typos 22
minor zorro-ways 1
Total 3691

Keep Right

Below is a statistic of potential errors generated by the Keep Right tool. These are to be reviewed and edited only if considered so since false-positive cases are also generated.

Please see Keep Right OSM Wiki page and for any additional information on the data below.

Severity Error name Cases
critical dead-ended one-ways 4
critical from or to not a way 1
critical missing from way 2
critical missing to way 2
critical wrong restriction angle 4
major almost-junctions 44
major floating islands 20
major intersection without junction 4
minor mixed layers intersections 30
minor roundabout: not closed loop 4
minor wrong direction 1
Total 116

Additional Sources

Satellite Imagery: ESRI World Imagery, Mapbox, Bing etc.

Street-level imagery: OpenStreetCam, Mapillary

Local Data: used with approval where needed

Improve OSM: Traffic Flow Direction