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The 2014 AGM (Annual General Meeting) of the OpenStreetMap Foundation took place during the State Of The Map 2014 conference, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Date: Saturday, 08 November 2014
Time: 13:00 ART
Location: State Of The Map 2014 conference, Centro Argentino de Ingenieros, 1250 Cerrito, Retiro, Buenos Aires, C1010AAZ, Argentina


The official Agenda has been published here

Summary of results

Election of Officers

Two new board members were elected and one incumbent was re-elected:

Vote on fee waiver

  • Fee Waiver vote passed with 190 votes (91.3%) for "I approve of the suggestion to allow such a waiver"

Special resolutions

  • Special Resolution 1 passed with 100 votes (94.3%) for "Yes: I wish to delete the mentioned sentence"
  • Special Resolution 2 passed with 101 votes (95.3%) for "Yes: I wish to replace the phrase mentioned"
  • Special Resolution 3 passed with 103 votes (97.2%) for "Yes: I approve of the change to article 31"

Details of the board election for 2014 can be found at Foundation/AGM14/Election_to_Board.