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OSMF Board Manifesto for Gregory Marler

I've been a mapping fanatic and friendly community member since 2005, and found it released a previously unnoticed love of the geospatial in me. The OpenStreetMap Foundation is one part in protecting, promoting, and supporting something that is very important to lots of us and in different ways. I've supported the OSMF for many years, and now I have put myself forward for to support it and OSM by being part of the board, I think there should be a number of options in the election. Please feel encouraged to ask me any questions, that can be done on the relevant Talk page.


Areas I'm likely to focus on, dependent on working with the rest of the board:

  • Supporting OSM and OSMF community, through local chapters/groups and the CWG.
  • Looking at OSMF Membership, seeing what might be appropriate in encouraging sign-ups and involvement.
  • Facilitating the board in continuing to have a view over the broad areas of OSM.
  • Publicising the community of OpenStreetMap not the Foundation.

My involvement in OSM

Since 2007 I have had a blog Living With Dragons to document my work in OpenStreetMap and related stuff I enjoy or discover.

I mainly spend my time surveying, but sadly the editing it into OSM takes longer (maybe I map too many features for a small area). I've done some rough development work, primarily mash-ups of data points-of-interest (either from OSM or elsewhere) on top of OSM. None of them have gone very far, but some people know me primarily for my Elephant Map or Toilet Map.

You can check out my mapping stats thanks to the great work of Pascal Neis. My User:LastGrape wiki page also has bits of information.

Most recently I've been on the organising team for [State of the Map 2013]. I've found my self helping in ways I didn't expect, such as taking minutes of meetings, designing/arranging the conference t-shirts, and keeping schedule in track 2.


It's very much about the people and relationships in all areas of OpenStreetMap. Development, documentation, mapping, humanitarian work, research and beyond. I struggled to get started at first, until my first "Mapping Party" (and I still have fond memories/stories). We love to have hack weekends, even if we're coding on separate projects. I lose track of how many conferences there are this year, not to mention all the small local meetups. This is what I want to keep alive and strong in OpenSteetMap.


I'm very much of the opinion that the foundation should keep a step-back from a lot of work and community of OpenStreetMap and then support it from there. Support includes keeping the main websites, rendered maps, and tools online. Support can happily include promoting projects by OSM, promoting more to come, and aiding the provision of resources. OpenStreetMap is not a sole project, sole code base, sole map style, or sole type of data, and we should remember that when comparing and contrasting with similar projects and their foundations.

OpenStreetMap still has growing changes it's going through and will have some more to come. It's all about learning the best way we can approach these as a community and as a foundation.

The OSMF-talk mailing list has stopped being a low-frequency list of announcements to something very fast-paced and heated amongst a few people that become the usual responders. It's clear there is not enough output from the board and the OSMF leading to issues of poor-transparency. I think outputs through blog posts and the OSMF website could be increased so that the presence extends beyond those that keep up with the mailing lists and/or conference and even extend strongly to non-OSMF members.

I am glad there are people so passionate amongst us and serving on the board and I think it is good to retain this while not limiting progress they could be making if time is well spent.

General Skills/Experience

  • Company management and management of staff.
  • Volunteer youth worker on a regular basis and on holiday events.
  • Set up and ran a new society at univeristy.
  • On management team organising various events, including first time events and documenting the tasks.
  • Speaking to various press outlets (journalists and radio producers).
  • Web Developer.
  • Worked in several multi-site (and cross-culture) teams.
  • Studied Computer Science (International Studies).
  • Have a 25m swimming certificate.

Declarations of conflict

Director of No More Grapes Limited, a company solely employing me and offering web development and geospatial consultancy. As previously mentioned, I run a blog called LivingWithDragons, not for profit.

Final Comments

Many years I've thought about joining the board. Last year I run and was didn't get elected but was very pleased with the results. Once again there are 3 vacancies for the board and I decided to quickly add my name to give people more options in how they vote.