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Kate Chapman's Manifesto for the 2011 Board Elections


I started contributing to OpenStreetMap in the beginning of 2009. I had been aware of OpenStreetMap before that, but honestly it wasn't clear what to do from the front page. It was finally in January 2009 that I began editing. What began as the simple goal to map my own neighborhood trails very quickly became much more than that. Since that time OpenStreetMap has taking me all over the world.

I was fortunate to previously have a job at GeoIQ that allowed me to travel to events where I could talk about OSM as well as be there for work. Since that time I began working for the Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team. With HOT I have traveled to Indonesia and Haiti in order to support OpenStreetMap in those countries. Last year I helped organize the State of the Map US Conference, which was the first time a large group of mappers in the United States have gotten together.

As far as Foundation activities I am a member of the Strategic Working Group and also helped organize the scholarship program for State of the Map this year.

As a member of Board, I will support the following:

  • Easier Access to Resources

I think that the OSMF should help contributors be able to more easily work on projects they are interested in. For example if infrastructure is needed for a project there should be an easy clear way to request that. Some of these structures are beginning to be put in place, but they should go further.

  • Making Joining the Community Easier for New Contributors

It has become easier to start with OpenStreetMap in the past year, but we can go further.

  • Communications

I think often the reason reactions to OSMF board actions are reacted to badly is because of communications. There will always be someone who is not happy about a decision, but I think more transparency could help OSMF members understand why a decision is made.

  • Help the Board Become More Strategic and Less Day to Day

By implementing the Management Working Group the Board has sought to lighten some of the load of running the OSMF. I think this can be furthered by strategic out-sourcing of certain tasks. Many of the members of the working groups are programmers and system administrators, I think most would rather code or map than do paperwork (I know I sure would). I think by hiring out some of the more mundane administrative tasks many of the day to day processes of the Foundation can be made easier.