7 Ways

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7 Ways
Screenshot of 7 Ways
Author: Navikey
Platforms: Android, iOS, Windows CE, Windows XP, Windows 8, and Linux
Version: 1.21.845 (2015-08-11)
Languages: Russian and English
Website: http://en.navikey.org/

Navigation application "7 Ways". Supports GPS and GLONASS.

Navigation application "7 Ways"
Supports GPS and GLONASS
Have you ever used a navigation which is clear and accessible?
Then this software is for you!

"We made this application for ourselves and we are ready to share it with you!"
Supports offline maps from OpenStreetMap (offline OSM maps)!

  • Offline maps (just download it one time, and when update)
  • Search by address and name
  • Selecting the best route
  • The nice voice prompts
  • The comfortable ergonomic interface
  • Improved algorithms for drawing maps and objects
  • The fastest route search
  • Ability to create your own maps!
  • HUD mode
  • You may save routes
  • Supports road lanes
  • Huge choice of custom skins, voices, languages, maps etc

You may customize our software as you wish with addons. They ready to download from program at any time.
Route for more than 10000 km is not hard work for our application - just set maps!