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API.Wikiocity (api.wikiocity.com) is a commercial map and geocoding service provider by the Wikiocity business directory. The API provides access to vector and raster maps for public use, and uses the Wikimedia developed Kartotherian tile server.

Tools and products

Open-source tools

  • Actively contributing to the Kartotherian Map tile Server project by Wikimedia


API.Wikiocity has a single dynamic style supporting customization and filtering. It is was built off of the OpenStreetMap Carto, with a focus on simplicity, ease of use, neutral colors, and lower data requirements.

Wikiocity Styles


Wide language support including locality based labels available across country, city, point of interest, and all other labels.

Accessibility (Disabilities)

Color coded restrooms, transportation, handicap accessible ramps, and data for all other points of interest.

Supported libraries

Provides pbf vector tiles and png raster tiles to support OpenLayers, Mapbox GL, and Leaflet.

Wikiocity JS supports OpenLayers and Mapbox GL for easier implementation, and cross platform functions for portable actions and marker support. The library also allows for older browser compatibility down to IE 9.