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University of Birmingham

The University have already divided up their Edgbaston campus into various zones. This should help with mapping.

Yellow Zone

Mapper Building Completed
Old Gym yes
Haworth Building yes
Civil Engineering and Mechanical Engineering yes
Grounds and Gardens
Terrace Huts yes
Estates West
Maintenance Building
Chemistry West yes
Computer Science yes
Alta Bioscience yes
Chemical Engineering yes
tamritt Biochemical Engineering yes
tamritt Chemical Engineering Workshop yes
tamritt Sports and Exercise Science yes
tamritt Civil Engineering Laboratories yes
tamritt Occupational Health and Environmental Medicine yes
tamritt Public Health yes

Red Zone

Mapper Building Completed
Frankland Building/Law yes
Hills Building yes
Aston Webb Building yes
Physics West
Physics East
Medical Physics
Aitchison Building (note: building is to be demolished soon)
Poynting Building
Paul The Archivist Barber Institute of Fine Arts yes
Watson Building
Paul The Archivist Arts Building yes
Ashley Building
Strathcona Building
Education Building
JG Smith Building yes
Muirhead Tower yes
Main Library yes
University Centre yes
Staff House yes
tamritt Munrow Sports Centre yes
Geography yes
Biosciences yes
Learning Centre yes
Clock Tower yes

Blue Zone

Mapper Building Completed

Green Zone

Mapper Building Completed

Orange Zone

Mapper Building Completed

Selly Oak Campus

Mapper Building Completed

Aston University

Birmingham City University