Converting/shp to osm using grass and gpsbabel

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Required software:

In this example, the used files are stored in "C:\OSM\SHP\": kommunal.shp, kommunal.dbf, kommunal.sbn, kommunal.sbx, kommunal.prj.
"kommunal.shp" contains a street-network with very high accuracy - JOSM couldn't handle this...

Generalisation using GRASS:

Main article Simplifying OSM Shapefiles using GRASS (merge?)

  1. Put your shapefile including all belonging data (dbf etc.) to a fixed directory.
  2. Switch to command-line (start - run - cmd).
  3. Switch to GRASS-binary directory, e.g. cd C:\GRASS\bin\
  4. Remove possible existing maps (be careful): g.remove vect=OSM
  5. Load the shapefile to a GRASS-map: -o dsn=C:\OSM\SHP\kommunal.shp out=OSM
  6. Reduce the amount of nodes: v.generalize input=OSM output=OSM_douglas_reduction method=douglas_reduction threshold=0 reduction=50 -c
  7. Write a new shapefile: v.out.ogr input=OSM_douglas_reduction dsn=C:\OSM\SHP\reduced olayer=kommunal_reduced
  8. Remove the GRASS-map: g.remove vect=OSM

Conversion to .osm using GPSBabel

  1. Switch to GPSBabel-binary directory, e.g. cd C:\GPSbabel\
  2. Check the shapefile's databse for street-names or other important data: gpsbabel.exe -i shape,name=? -f C:\OSM\SHP\reduced\kommunal_reduced.shp
    • Here, STR_NAME contains the name of the streets. (This may not work if the field name is "name"?)
  3. Write an OSM-file: gpsbabel.exe -i shape,name=STR_NAME -f C:\OSM\SHP\reduced\kommunal_reduced.shp -o OSM -F C:\OSM\SHP\reduced\kommunal.osm
    • This shapefile is already in EPSG:4326 = WGS84 and can be read by JOSM.
  4. Remove GPSBabel's tag from OSM file to save memory:
    • Open your OSM-file with notepad
    • Remove this tag: <tag k='created_by' v='GPSBabel-1.3.5'/>