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Geobase2osm is a Python script that converts GML Geobase NRN files to OSM format.


The script can be obtained from OSM SVN

You will need

Command Line Options

-i NRN_GEOM.gml

The name of the NRN Geometry GML file to read

-a NRN_ADDR.gml

The name of the address file. This feature is not currently implemented.

-o outfile.osm

The name of the output file to generate.

-b boundsfile.txt

This option allows you to exclude portions of the GEOM file from being processed. boundsfile.txt should contain a EWKT type geometry of the area that should be processed. For example POLYGON((-120 54,-121 55,-122 56,-122 55,-120 54))

-e RoadMatcherResult.jml

If this option is specified then RoadMatcherResult.jml should be a results file genereated from the road matcher application. geobase2osm will generate two additional output files. outfile.osm.standalone.osm will only have roads marked as StandAlone. outfile.osm.excluded.osm will contain the roads excluded from the .standalone file.


Specify this option if you want the output to be compressed


Specify this option if you want the output to be indented


Specify this option to supress debug printing