Humanitarian OSM Team/Meetings/Board/28-12-10

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HOT Minutes Call 28-Dec 2010


   Erica Hagen
   Mikel Maron
   Robert Soden
   Kate Chapman
   Nicolas Chavent
   Dane Springmeyer


  • Catch'up Groundtruth / HOT activities
  • Haiti Missions
  • Knight Foundation Grant
  • Research on use of OSM and social media in Haiti
  • Preperation for future deployments and coordination
  • Synergies GT/ IOM
   * sustain kenya
   * sussex research project

Meeting Notes:

Update on HOT in Haiti

* Back to Haiti (with IOM)
* Early January, Robert will stay on potentially through March (current funding 
* Goal to continue building the tools and capacity through existing team
* Effort to become more self-sustaining without frequent remote trips
* Leonard is our current main funder and contact
  * Interested in deeper usage of osm db and harvesting for visualizations
  * Social media approach for invigorating work
  * Therefore IOM needs/desires are driving practical work
* Other leads:
  * Ongoing work towards using OSM as part of (and helping foster) an SDI for CNIGS
  * Work more closely with WINNER (USAID)

Haiti questions:

 * How to branch out from IOM work into broader (groundtruth-like) work
 * How much to focus on Cite Soleil vs expand (and leverage Cite Soleil members)

Action Items:

 * EVERYONE: List in open atrium what needs to be covered
 * Erica to meet with Leonard
 * Erica and Mikel to visit Haiti while Robert is in PaP
     * Plan 2 week visit in February

GroundTruth update -->

* Moving on from Kenya
* Many leads on next steps
  * Feb exploratory mission on (i) IOM/ com; (ii) Knight Fundation proposal
* Met with Todd Huffman in SF - wants to do "something" in haiti
* Blog posts over the next several months recapping MapKibera

Coordination Infrastructure for HOT to deploy

 * Brainstorming on priorities
 * Who can take leads during activation
     * eg. auto-create wiki pages for crisis

Other Items discussed:

* HOT guides - Nicolas - great resource, continuing to work on, expand
* SPOT Image - Nicolas - relationship growing, looking good
* GPS to Go - Mikel - how to rapidly equip people and regions with GPS
* IDS - Institute for Development Studies
 * great potential synergy between participartory theory and open source