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Line Opening Year Termini Stations Length (km) Singular Relation Route Master Child 1 Child 2 Child 3 Child 4
1904 Piraeus ↔ Kifissia 24 25.6 relation 445858
2000 Anthoupoli ↔ Elliniko 14 11.8 relation 3095900
2000 Egaleo ↔ Doukissis Plakentias 16 18.6 relation 3165353 relation 2473158
2004 Egaleo ↔ Airport E. Venizelos 16 18.6 relation 445945


Name Relation
KAT relation 3335256
Koropi relation 3335187
Maroussi relation 2961798

Open data request

Huzzah! An attempt is being made to get accurate track alignment files that we can use under the ODBL. Amaroussi initiated this project, with the first consultant being the AR.DE.CO, who worked with nearly all Athens Metro projects. Please note that the user's name has been censored to protect privacy (thanks a lot,!):

UPDATE 3 October 2013: The same email sent to Attiko Metro S.A.

From: Amaroussi <> Subject: Athens Metro mapping help
Date: 26 August 25 Heisei 13:46:50 GMT+01:00
PGP signed: you betcha!

Dear Sir/Madam,

Please could you publish an accurate shapefile export of the Athens Metro lines 2 and 3, containing the individual track centre-lines for the route between Anthoupoli and Elliniko (Line 2) and between Dimotiko Theatro and Doukissis Plakentias via Eleonas (Line 3) respectively?

Please export this directly from the GIS/CAD files, showing individual track centre-lines, and so that it is compatible under the Open Data Commons Open Database License (

The track centre-line export should show both track centre-lines separately, including crossovers, turnback facilities and stabling/maintenance sidings.

It may be useful to include the following where they already exist in the dataset during export:

  • Existing tags indicating elevation or gradient
  • Existing tags indicating tunnel/cut-and-cover/retained-cut/…
  • Station layout and platform polygons

(Elevation data will allow automated layer resolution, and platform data will allow tie-in with transportation planning datasets).

Many appreciations in advance, and please let me know if you require any additional clarification,

-Amaroussi, on behalf of OpenStreetMap