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Looking to help improve the data of Peru's map and improve the development of the country, providing information about existents educational institutions in the whole country, we import the data of the Educational Institutions that are provided by the Ministry of Education through Web page into OpenStreetMap.


  • Phase 1

On March 3rd we started the import process of educational institutions in Peru (2016's data)

  • Phase 2

On May 4th the import process of educational Institutions was finished.

Import data


Source origin:

Data License: https:

  • Contact


Teléfono: 615-5800 Anexo 21207

  • Kind of License:

Public domain

  • OSM Attributions:

  • ODbL Verified compliance:


OSM Data Files


OSM File

Import Type

The import process was made by Peru community members.

We used JOSM editor for manipulating the data.

Data Preparation

Tagging plans

Attribute Tag OSM Used Data Description (Added /Ignored)
Ubigeo SIGMED Ignored
Departamento SIGMED Ignored
Provincia addr:province SIGMED Added
Distrito addr:district SIGMED Added
Cod. CCPP SIGMED Ignored
Nom. CCPP SIGMED Ignored
Cod. Local SIGMED Ignored
Codigo Modular ref SIGMED Added
Nombre IIEE name SIGMED Added
Direcciòn addr:full SIGMED Added
Docentes SIGMED Ignored
Alumnos SIGMED Ignored
¿ECE? SIGMED Ignored
Grado SIGMED Ignored
Altitud ele SIGMED Added
Fuente source SIGMED Added

Additional attributes

Key Value
amenity school / kindergarten
isced:level 0 / 1 / 2
Note Localization educational Institution

Changeset tags

The data we want to import has the following structure:

  • addr:province

Province where is located the educational institution.

  • addr:state

Region where is located the educational institution.

  • addr:district

District where is located the educational institution.

  • addr:full

Address of educational institution.

  • amenity

Kind of educational institutions: We have 2 types:

Tag OSM Kind Level (isced:level)
kindergarten initial 0
school primary 1
school secondary 2
  • ele

Altitude where is located the educational institution

  • name

Name of educational institution.

  • ref

Modular code of educational institution

  • source

Origin data

Data transformation

Data merge workflow

Team Approach


Technical Aspects

According to the Ministry of Education there are 3 levels of Basic Regular Education:

  • Initial: Covers from 1 to 5 years old
  • Primary: Covers from 6 to 11 years old
  • Secondary: Covers from 12 to years old.


  • In many cases you should fix the full address, because in villages address is equal to name of village.
  • If you don't know the address, please add the fixme tag and explain which tags should be change or update.

Locals where exist 2 o more education levels

While you are importing the data you might find 2 nodes of educational institutions in the same location, may be due to the following reason:

  • The available information present in MINEDU, comes for multiple sources, you might find duplicate information or incomplete information.

Format Data

  • Initial level

The name could is compose by 3 types:

  • Just numbers:
Instituciòn educativa inicial 241
  • Name compose for letters, hyphen and numbers
Institución educativa inicial 260-B
  • Name and numbers
Institución educativa inicial 242 Divino Maestro
  • Primary level

In case of educational Institutions the quantity of number could be change from 4 to 6 numbers.

  • Just numbers:
Institución educativa No. 38819
  • Numbers and hyphen:
Institución educativa No. 38994-3
  • Name and numbers:
Institución educativa No. 38018 de Maravillas
  • Secondary level

En el caso de instituciones de nivel secundario podemos encontrar de 4 a 6 números en el nombre.

  • Just names:
Institución educativa Mariscal Cáceres
  • Number and names:
Institución educativa No. 22441 Santa Ana


If you see the boundary of school, you should trace a polygon around the Educational Institution and add the tag:

amenity= school or amenity= kindergarten


Here is the list of steps of import process of educational Institution into OSM.

Creation of dedicated account OSM

One of the best practices if you want to do import process into OpenStreetMap, you should create a special account for do the process.

Usually the import account is the same OSM account following for other words. In this case we used _peruimport, for example:

OSM user: dannykath

OSM import account: dannykath_peruimport

Also you can use the same email for import account, just when you create the import account you should put your email followed of +peruimport, for example:

Set up JOSM

* Open JOSM
* Click in Edit> Preferences
* Log in with you OSM import account.
* Click Accept

Access to task

  • Select a block and download the data into JOSM.

Adding to Satellite Imagery

  • Click in Image, and select one of them Satellite Imagery layers.

For example: Bing or Mapbox Satellite Imagery


Review and validation

  • Check both layers for avoiding conflicts.
  • Check the tags of nodes for avoiding conflicts.
  • If you have some issues or conflicts you must send a message or comment in the changeset.
  • Keep the work of local user or another users, if you want existent data in the same location of the import node, you can combine 2 nodes. For more details see: [[1]]

Merging layers

After that solved present issues, you can select 2 layers, in this case (OSM Layer and import schnd prss merge.


Upload data into OSM

Finally upload the data into OSM.

Changeset comment and Source

The changeset comment is:

Importando Instituciones Educativas en Perú



Mark task as Done

When you have finished the import process, you are back to Application and mark the block as Done



We have 2 cases:

Case 1

If the educational institution has the same name and different level and ref, you should keep one of 2 nodes and combine the information of ref and isced:level like this:

For example, the educational Institution Mariscal Caceres:




Case 2

  • If in OSM exist one Educational institution as node you should keep this node and copied the tags from the import node to existent Node.
  • If in OSM exist the educational institution as polygon, you should keep this polygon and copied the tags from the import node to existent polygon.


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